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Bryan the Intern's Picks to Click

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Article written by:Bryan the InternBryan the Intern
  As I recover from the embarrassment of picking Vols 85, Cats 60, I cant help but love the fact that for the first time all season, it seemed the Cats were able to execute a gameplan for 40 minutes, something that cost them games against Mississippi St. and Florida.  Consider how close this team is to 4-0 in conference?  Suddenly the NCAA Tournament breaking point of 11-5 doesn't seem out of reach, even though 12-4 would be better, but the Cats MUST WIN NEXT 4 GAMES.  And if the Cats can beat Ole Miss in Rupp, that would give them 3 very quality wins.  On to the links: Daily RPI Report: 147 (Magic number is 70) 1. The thing Eric Crawford was most impressed by in last night's game, the toughness of a battered UK team. 2. One strength of this team that often goes unnoticed or unreported is that the Cats are extrememly good free throw shooters.  And, considering this team will be in close games all season long, this may be very helpful come February and March. 3. Part of the reason I picked the Vols to win big last night was for the very reason Pat Forde talks about in his column today: disrespect.  The Vols have no respect for this Cats team, with I thought was a positive and reason they would run up the score.  I think they probably have a little better opinion of UK now. 4. One of my 5 favorite things about the NCAA Tournament is the 3 minute One Shining Moment montage after the champion is crowned. It's always bittersweet because you realize the tournament is over, but it also gives you a quick recap of what is always an exciting 3 weeks. For your viewing pleasure, here are those videos from the 1996 and 1998 championship seasons. 5. There should be a clause in every athlete's contract that says if they get injured doing something that makes you laugh, the contract can be voided.  For instace, when Bill Gramatica blew out an ACL celebrating his first quarter field goal, the owner should have been able to come down to the field, give him a bus ticket and take his jersey right there.  Except that owner probably couldn't say a word because of laughter.  Anyway, here are some other wimpy injuries. 6. A collection of memorable sports speeches to reminisce about today.  For my money, nothing comes close to touching Lou Gehrig.  NOT EVEN CLOSE.

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