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Bryan the Intern's Picks to Click

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  Daily RPI Report: 135 (Up 75 spots since conference play started)  1. This video right here has been around for at least a week, and hopefully you have already seen it.  But, if you haven't, this may go down as one of the funnier videos of the year.  A radio station in Philadelphia got the number to the Big East Men's Basketball Teleconference and proceeded to call in and ask prank questions to these coaches.  Now, this wouldn't be funny if that was it, and frankly it's not the questions that are funny.  What's funny is both the coaches reactions, and more so, the moderator.  It only takes him about one minute to figure out he is in for a long day, but his comments are hillarious. 2. Go ahead and engrave the plaque or trophy or whatever they give to the UK MVP.  It's Ramel Bradley's and there is nothing that can take it from him.  I dont care how well Patterson plays the rest of the year, it's Ramel's.  John Clay talks about his importance after Saturday's win over South Carolina. 3. I was told a few days ago I don't really target women in my posts.  And while I am sure the ratio of men to women on this site is somewhere around 500:1, I want to make everyone happy.  So, this story has advantages for both sexes.  It's the story about Jeff Sheppard and where he is now in life, and it's also a love story. 4. A quick update on the status of Joe Crawford and also the play of Jodie Meeks, who filled in Crawford on Saturday. 5. Good story in the Herald-Leader about both current and former player's feelings on Joker Phillips ascending to the UK throne.  And it's all positive.  You even get a couple quotes from the Hefty Lefty himself. 6. Have you heard about what has happened to ESPN's Dana Jacobson?  She got drunk, made a really bad joke about Notre Dame football, while she was absolutley smashed at a roast for Mike and Mike.  And for her actions, she was suspended a week.  Her stupidity was never aired and will never be aired.  Yet, people are getting their panties in a bunch once again, claiming she should be fired.  I can not stand people that want publicity that bad.  The woman has been punished and probably will always be tarnished because of this.  And thats not enough.  People should protest the protesters.  7. Sometimes I just hate this country.  One of those times is when watching American Idol.  I love the show because it makes me laugh hard.  But, when you realize how many people suck at singing and still think they will win the competition, it just makes me mad.  Look, I am not good at throwing a javelin, so I am not gonna go to the Olympic Trials and sign up for the javelin.  Actually, if thats all you have to do to get in the Olympic Trials is sign-up then maybe I will do that.  But, all joking aside, I can respect the people that go on the show to be stupid and get their airtime and move on.  But, these two people (a) and (b) make me want to throw that javelin through the TV.

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