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Kentucky Wildcats

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Bryan the Intern's Picks to Click

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Article written by:Bryan the InternBryan the Intern
  1. Let's please hope that the Cats get nearly completely healthy over this off week, as the Courier-Journal explains this week. 2. Great feature article on Ramel Bradley in today's Hearald-Leader.  It's amazing how the fanbase has switched their opinion of Bradley over the past couple weeks.  He was often credited as being one of the major causes of the Cats early season struggles, now he is the favorite player on the team (outside of Jared Carter). 3. Mark Story explains why no matter how well the Cats do in SEC play, they probably will still not have the resume to warrant an at-large bid, especially in the RPI.  Home losses to Gardner-Webb and San Diego doomed UK.  Combined record of those teams: 17-23. 4. Here is a blog post with a quote from Joe Lunardi about what the Cats need to do to get into the dance.  5. Dana Jacobson has apologized on-air.  Now we can thankfully move on. 6. Everybody is in love with Tom Brady.  Don't deny it, you wished you were him too.  Here is a list of some other male athletes that the fanbase as a whole has a man-crush on. 7. Today is Media Day at the Super Bowl.  And, it is always good for a few funny questions and answers.  Hopefully, this group of questions will be asked.

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