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Bryan the Intern's Picks to Click

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Article written by:Bryan the InternBryan the Intern
  1. Big time congratulations goes to Tubby Smith, who recorded his 400th win last night.  A guy that I think should no doubt have his name in the rafters (compare his resume to Joe B. Hall's and there will be no argument) still has alot of years left in his career and 600 wins doesnt seem out of the question.  I hope the Gophers begin challenging for Big Ten titles soon, and beat the Hoosiers as consistently as the Tubby-Cats once did.  2. I am sorry, but that 19-point loss to Indiana looks worse and worse everyday, especially after IU got dusted last night by the Big Ten's best team, Wisconsin.  IU's best win so far was over Illinois St., and by the end of the season it will probably be Kentucky.  I can't see this team going to the Sweet 16.  And I would love to see a healthy Cats team play the Hoosiers now.  I say IU only wins by 3.  And thats at Assembly Hall. 3. All the stats you could ever want comparing Georgia and Kentucky4. I've always like Dennis Felton, in large part because he turned my alma mater into a good basketball program again.  But, he never has been able to replicate that success at Georgia, due to injuries and having a big bunch of idiots on his team.  I doubt Felton has many more years at UGA left, but just think about the many struggles UK teams have had against Felton coached teams (WKU in 2002), and you know this guy can do the job well. 5. Scotty "Hobson" Hopson had himself quite a game last night.  28 points, 8 rebounds, 5 assists and a win that moved University Heights into the quarterfinals of the All "A" Classic.  I realize UK has backed off quite a bit from Hopson, and Tennessee appears to be the leader, but he is gonna make some noise in his short time at college.  Here is more on the Hopson recruiting process. 6. With New England going for perfection this Sunday, there is now all this talk about if they lose they will miss out on something historic and become the new UNLV-1991.  I found this somewhat ammusing list of 10 people who also missed out on immortality.  Grated I said somewhat funny, some parts are lame. 7. For all you boozers out there, here is the Super Bowl drinking game.

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