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Bryan the Intern's Picks to Click

Bryan the Internabout 14 years


Article written by:Bryan the InternBryan the Intern
goldenblcktongue.jpg Before we get to today's links, I want to first make a correction from the radio show last night.  I made the comment "Ramel Bradley is too passive on offense."  I am such an idiot, what I meant to say is "Dusty Mills is too passive on offense in practice".  It's an honest mistake. On to the links: 1. For those of you who missed Kentucky Sports Radio on 1570thezone yesterday, it was a show with some serious quirks and unique moments.  Here is the link to the first part of the show, and here is the link to the second part. But lets just say Matt(and his new haircut) faced his greatest fear, a dog that turned out to be the owners and a super gentle golden retriever but nonetheless scary to Matt. 2. I told you it was going to be embarrasing and the SEC basketball bottom feeders did not dissapoint last night.  Alabama actually made a respectable showing against 4th ranked Georgetown, leading at half before falling by 10.  But, what can you say about Auburn? If you watched that 29 point thrashing at the hands of West Virginia, the thought that should run through your mind is "well, there's a win for Kentucky." South-Carolina and Providence and LSU-Villanova are on tap for tonight.  3. You knew it was gonna come from somewhere and CNNSI has won the race.  The first hypothetical, virtual, online voting college football "bracket" has come out with 16 teams.  All they simply did was take the top 16 in the BCS, seed them and you have your tournament.  Just a guess, but the SEC will win this thing. Why? Because SEC fans are crazy enough to sit there and vote over and over again so that a virtual Florida can beat a virtual Missouri(that is unless Pat Forde has any say). 4. There is a possibility that FSU might lose some players to, gasp, academic issues before the bowl game.  Either way, Kentucky wins the game, but everything helps. 5. The more I learn about Florida State, the more I realize that the football program will NEVER get to the same heights it once was.  Most importantly, they are a 1-point underdog to KENTUCKY!!! Second you have a do-nothing head coach. And third, you just picked Bowden's replacement, a guy who really improved the FSU offense this year, which ranks 91st in the country in scoring, 97th in rushing, and 47th in passing.  So have hope Noles fans, in another 5 or so years you can look for the guy who will replace Bowden's replacement. 6. If national writers have anything to say, it looks like Tim Tebow is a runaway Heisman winner.  Dennis Dodd, Bruce Feldman(who has the weakest argument why Tebow shouldn't win), (scroll down past idiot Ivan Maisel's vote to the writers poll vote), and Gene Menez all give their support to a guy who did things no QB has EVER done.  7. John Clay takes a look at the Indiana fanbase and their willingness to accept less than appropriate behavior.  8. Yesterday I showed where the teams that UK has played so far stand in the current RPI , and frankly things dont look good on that end.  Today, I give you the rest of the Cats non-conference opponents to show there are still quality wins out there to be had. at Indiana- RPI: 49, Record: 7-1 UAB- RPI: 146, Record: 7-3 at Houston- RPI: 121, Record: 8-1 Tennessee Tech- RPI: 338, Record: 2-6 San Diego- RPI: 187, Record: 4-5 Florida International- RPI: 314, Record: 3-3 Louisville- RPI: 24, Record: 5-1 9. A couple funny videos that have nothing to do with UK Athletics but are funny nonetheless.  The first has Pat White acting like a wounded cougar during last years WVU-Pitt game.  Not only is Pat White a complete weirdo, but looking at WVU 45, Pitt 27 and then thinking back to last weekend makes me smile.  The other deals with Hanukkah and how exactly NBA players feel about the holiday.  Listen closely and you hear a somewhat racist comment from the Jewish "reporter". He actually says to one of the players that the dradle is like "how you guys play with dice." I would have liked to seen the "journalist" in this video get smacked by Mike James. 10. The USA Today has released a fairly comprehensive look at the salaries of Division 1-A college football coaches. Two things that really stand out to me: Kirk Ferentz is clearly overpaid (3.03 million/year) and Joe Paterno has not asked for a raise in 20 years (512K/year).  On salary alone, Rich Brooks ranks 2nd to last of all the schools that provided that information. Look over the graphic closely and you will find tons of oddities and absurditites. 

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