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Bryan the Intern's Picks to Click

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  1. With it being Super Tuesday, its time for the voting on KSR to begin for Favorite Blogger.  Voting will last through Friday, just put you vote in the comments section.  You choices are: (a) Bryan the Intern (b) Tomlin (c) Shawn Bridwell (d) Matt Jones (Democrat) (e) Bomani Jones (f) Mosley (g) Bryan the Intern (h) Original Intern (Late Addition) 2. An injury update on Jodie Meeks, Ramel Bradley, and Joe Crawford.  Looks like Joe is the only one of the three that is a safe bet to play.  If both Meeks and Bradley are still out, Cats will have to have a repeat of Saturday, gut out a road win against a lesser opponent, and need some type of production from Michael Porter/Ramon Harris/Perry Stevenson. 3. A few quotes from Auburn coach Jeff Lebo about the game Wednesday.  If you dont know much about Auburn here is the link to their home page.  All I need to know is they lost to LSU by one, AT HOME!!!  This is a must-win for the Cats, not because of improving the record, but because Auburn would be a BAD loss on the resume, something the Cats have enough of this year. 4. Official Gerald Boudreaux is speaking out about the non-intentional foul called on Dave Bliss and comparing it to the intentional foul called on Derrick Japser in the Tennessee game.  I think if you are going to call the intentional on Jasper, you HAVE to call one on Bliss.  But, can we all admit that Ramel did a great/bad acting job, depending on how you look at it.  While Bliss' contact was from behind and hard, I find it hard to believe, after watching it 10 times, that it forced Ramel to go completely horizontal.  That was all Ramel, and unfortunatly he paid for it with a concussion.  Nonetheless, the foul was too hard to not be called an intentional.  It really wouldn't have mattered because Mark Krebs would have shanked both free throws anyway. 5. Very cool story in the Herald-Leader about the recruitiment of Randall Cobb, and his decision to spurn Tennessee for Kentucky.  While this is a sign of the changing recruiting landscape at UK, Cobb is still only a 2-star recruit.  And I will continue to stick by my opinion that programs like Tennessee will always be able to steal away the 4 and 5 star guys from Kentucky.  Or at least until UK can find a way to beat the Vols, win a SEC title, or get to a BCS bowl.  6. Dick Vitale is back tommorow (which make me happy) and what a stunner he is doing the North Carolina-Duke game (which makes me angry).  As usual, Dickie V loves this rivalry, but one thing he doesnt love is the level of competition in the SEC this year. 7. How this hillarious hockey video has been around for nearly 2 years and I haven't seen it is amazing.  But, now that I have, my opinion of hockey players has dipped that much more.  Here is the worst hockey fight in history.

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