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Article written by:Bryan the InternBryan the Intern
 Stacy Keibler 1. Only 1 day left in the KSR elections, and we are down to 5 candidates.  Rob Gidel, Bomani, and Mattox have dropped out of the race.  Original Intern has a sizeable lead, but a push by the other 4 bloggers is still possible.  Here are the current standings: (1) Original Intern: 34 % (the John McCain of the race) (2) Matt Jones: 26 % (Hillary Clinton) (3) Mosley: 11 % (Mike Huckabee) (4) Bryan the Intern: 7 % (John Edwards) (5) Tomlin: 6 % (Chris Dodd) 2. Anyway you look at it, UK is more than likely to be on the bubble come Selection Saturday (unless they sweep the rest of their games).  It's going to be VERY difficult to get the RPI in a comfortable position, so here is some precedent on what were probably the last team's invited to tournament for the past 9 years.  RPI in parentheses. 2007: Stanford (65) 2006: Seton Hall (58) 2005: NC State (65) 2004: Washington (60) 2003: NC State (53) 2002: Wyoming (64) 2001: Oklahoma St. (49) 2000: Pepperdine (52) 1999: New Mexico (74) Average RPI of these teams is 58.  So, if you want a number to target for UK, make it 58.  Wins all your games outside of Tennessee and Vandy/Arkansas (one or the other), then that number is within reason, as the Cats have picked up 10-15 spots in the RPI after each win.  As the season wears on that number will drop to 5-8 spots per win, but the tournament is a possibility all of the sudden. 3. Short story on Ramel Bradley and his status and also an award handed out to Mark Coury.  Coury HAS to be setting a national record for number of starts/least amount of minutes played.  Or points scored/number of starts.  There is a record in there somewhere. 4. Let me take you back to after the Houston game.  The Cats had just lost their 4th staright game, had a losing record, and no two people were taking it harder from the fans than Ramel Bradley and Joe Crawford.  It was believed their lack of leadership and inability to buy into Gillispie's system were the major reasons for the early season struggles.  It's amazing what a few wins does for your reputation.  Ramel Bradley will go down as unquestionably the favorite player on this team, and Joe Crawford ain't too bad either. 5. Maybe the two best big men in the SEC square off Tuesday when Arkansas' Steven Hill and Ole Miss' Dwayne Curtis matchup.  Of course not, it's Patrick Patterson and Alabama's Richard Hendrix.  This should be the marquee individual matchup in the SEC this weekend, and a chance for Patterson to redeem himself after struggles against Louisville and Mississippi St. big men.  I fully expect Patterson to have a great game offensively, but on the defensive end of the floor is where he will be most important on Saturday.  Hold Hendrix under 15 points, and Cats win easily.  6. The UK women are also playing very well right now, winning against Ole Miss last night, pushing their SEC mark to 6-3.  But, much like the men, they are only 12-11 overall with an RPI of 70.  Looks like it will be a nervous selection saturday for both teams this year. 7. I have put a ton of hot women lists over the last couple months on the Picks.  But, I truly think none compares to this list from PopCrunch of the hottest 50 women in sports.  These women are hot and athletic.  SOLD!!!! 8. I love stupid commercials, and after watching the Super Bowl, we got to see alot of them.  But, very few can rival anti-drug commercials.  Here are videos of 10 of the worst commercials that tried to teach us that crack is whack, which we all know is NOT true.

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