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Bryan the Intern's Picks to Click

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Article written by:Bryan the InternBryan the Intern
Daily RPI Report: 88 (up 11 spots after Alabama win)  1. Congratulations to the ORIGINAL INTERN, voted "KSR's Top Blogger" for the first year in a row.  Seeing as all us interns stick together, I see a win for him as a win for me, so I would like to thank all the readers out there for voting me Top Blogger as well.  I also want to say my respect level for Chris Tomlin went way up after his classy, heart-felt concession speech Friday.  It was very sentimental that Chris decided to end his race at the place it all started for him, a gas station in Providence.  Now, while the results are not official, mostly because Matt the Lawyer is taking us Interns to court, here are the unofficials results (NBC News called this election on Tuesday after 1 % of the vote was in): (1) Original Intern: 30 % (2) Matt Jones: 25 % (3) Mosley: 21 % (4) Bryan the Intern: 10 % 2. Its turning into a fad to jump on the "Kentucky is going to the NCAA Tournament bandwagon" now.  But, we all know we on this website were already predicting what the Cats had to do to get to the tournament, and we believed in them all the time.  Rick Bozich is on the bandwagon now, believing UK may be playing its way into the field of 65. 3. Kentucky is finally on somebody's Bubble Watch.  Check out this article because it compares the resumes of all the bubble teams. 4. A name that is flying around this website and message boards across the state is J'Mison Morgan, a LSU commit who Kentucky had pursued.  But, according to this article in the The Advocate in Louisiana, Morgan will hang with his decision to go to LSU, for the time being.  Speaking of this situation, Billy Gillispie has come out saying he WILL NOT recruit players who have committed to other schools, unless they publically say they are opening their recruitments back up.  If this is true, Gillispie would not even pursue Morgan at this time. 5. I think we all can admit the Cats ain't exactly winning pretty right now.  They haven't all year and I doubt they will ever this season.  But, as John Clay points out, who cares if you win pretty, UK just needs wins. 6. Defense, defense, defense.  It's what is winning games for Kentucky right now and its what they will lean on all season.  It seems from this article in the Hearld-Leader that they alot of Cats players have bought in to that motto. 7. Good article on Ramel Bradley in the Cincinnati Enquirer yesterday.  Make sure you look at the chart on the right side of the page that shows Ramel's scoring in each half during SEC play.  There is no greater evidence of how clutch Bradley has been, or how much the team looks to him than that illustration. 8. Story in the Herald-Leader today about the future of the QB position at Kentucky, and the likelyhood that we will see a different style quarterback next season. 9. It will not be very often that I post a link from, but in this case I will.  They are holding a competition for the "Sexiest Vegetarian Next Door".  Clearly alot of very attractive women dont like meat.  And please no immature jokes from that last sentence. 10. is hyping up the girl they think could replace Erin Andrews.  Don't get me wrong, if this girl makes it to national TV, it would make me happy.  But, lets not act like she is an Erin Andrews.  There is NO other Erin Andrews.  Although, ESPN may have found a replacement for Erin Andrews and his name is Pat Forde.  How much do you think Illinois fans felt screwed when Andrews was orginally scheduled to do the IU-Illinois game, and Forde was a late replacement.

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