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It's amazing this haircut still resides on the University of Alabama campus. 1) Well, at least one of the 3 Tennessee armed robbers will start against Kentucky.  The charges were dropped because of "lack of evidence".  Also known as the judge is a UT supporter. 2) Somebody busted Jimmy Clausen right in the face at a restaurant last weekend.  Normally, sucker punching somebody is not cool with me.  But in the case of Clausen, I think it was probably deserved.  Especially considering he has about as many prick stories about himself as he does wins. 3) The KKK protested at Ole Miss this past weekend.  Who knew the KKK was smart enough to even gather at the same time anymore?  Anyway, there were promptly booed off campus.  Of course, there is now controversy because video has surfaced of several fraternity members at Ole Miss using a very not nice word. 4) I came across this and I think it's like a year old, but I laughed my ass reading the odds you'll meet these kind of people at your next high school reunion. 5) The hardest hitting 6-year-old on Earth

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