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Picture 28 So, who does actually deserve to play in the BCS national title game?  Dennis Dodd doesnt think it should be Texas.  I think it comes down to Texas and Cincinnati, as TCU and Boise St. just don't play a tough enough schedule to warrant being taken over the Longhorns or Bearcats.  I am not saying that either of those teams couldn't actually win a game against Texas or Cinci, I am simply saying under the current system, they don't DESERVE the chance.  But, should Cincinnati be chosen over Texas?  Take a look at a comparison of these two teams schedule, with each team's toughest games placed side by side: Toughest games (Texas-Cincinnati) #1: Oklahoma St-Oregon State #2: Oklahoma-Pittsburgh #3: Texas Tech-West Virginia #4: Missouri-South Florida (PUSH) #5: Texas A&M-Rutgers (PUSH) #6: Colorado-UCONN #7: Kansas-Fresno State #8: Central Florida-Illinois #9: Baylor-Louisville (PUSH) #10: Wyoming-Syracuse #11: UTEP-Miami (OH) #12: Louisiana-Monroe-SEMO So, according to my calculations, Cincinnati played a slightly better schedule than Texas, but not by a bunch.  Texas is getting alot of credit for beating a down Oklahoma team.  I think the Big 12 a little bit deeper this year, but Cincinnati had to play both of their toughest 2 opponents on the road, not to mention they actually played 2 BCS opponents out of conference.  Some people will argue that Cinci got to play Syracuse and Louisville, but I would argue that Baylor and Kansas were just as bad this season.  So, tell me again why Texas is playing the in national title game? ONE SIMPLE REASON: They were ranked higher in the preseason polls.  What is the purpose of having preseason polls?  Let the magazines and blogs of the world make rankings but to release an official set of rankings is just plain dumb.  And I think this year, it cost Cincinnati a legitimate shot at a national title. ___________________________________________________________________ 1) I said it yesterday, and I will say it again.  I think this years group of BCS games are about as good at it has been any year, and thats with a potential dud in Georgia Tech-Iowa.  I am not a fan of matching up the 2 non-BCS teams, but it still will be a fantastic game nonetheless. 2) A stunning turn in the Notre Dame coaching search as a very famous alumni has turned down the job.  You can only go down after trying to hire him. 3) If you have ever wondered what kind of people are living in your neighborhood, the state of Florida has a wonderful idea of how you can find out.  I am afraid I see a likeness of Christopher Johns in there somewhere. 4) SNL does a pretty good job of making light of the Tiger Woods situation. 5) Is this real or fake?  I don't know.

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