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16253_logo1 Connecticut Student                                               Kentucky Student If I had a vote for the Heisman, I would go this way: 1) Mark Ingram: Big player in big games on great team (sans Auburn) 2) Ndamukong Suh: The gap between him and any other player on defense in the country is significant 3) CJ Spiller: The most exciting player in the country But, here is likely how the vote WILL go: 1) Colt Mccoy 2) Toby Gerhart 3) Mark Ingram 4) Tim Tebow 5) Ndamukong Suh If McCoy played for, lets say, Kentucky, he would be the same player, with the same talent, yet he wouldnt even sniff New York City.  Because if you are the star QB on an undefeated team, you get an automatic invite, but if you are the star QB for a 4 loss Kentucky, you get NOTHING.  Tim Couch was likely the best or 2nd best player in the country (Ricky Williams) in 1998, yet he finished a very distant 4th in the Heisman voting.  His talent was verified when he was selected 1st in the NFL Draft.  And I am not saying McCoy doesn't deserve the invite, I am simply saying he doesnt deserve to win.  He has been inconsistent this season, and in the two biggest games Texas played (Oklahoma and Nebraska), McCoy played poorly.  But, he is the flashy QB from Texas, so that will garner him votes throughout the country.  The West region is going to vote for Gerhart in droves, thus jumping him up the polls.  Ingram and Tebow are likely to split votes in the South and East, and Suh plays defense, which just doesn't win unless you are Charles Woodson. So, as we have seen so many times before, I think the Heisman will NOT go to the best player in college football, but to the a really good player on a great team at a better position. ________________________________________________________________________ 1) In the only meeting between UK and UCONN, the Huskies knocked out the Cats of the 2006 NCAA Tournament, despite 28 points from Patrick Sparks.  That was the last game for Sparks, Rajon Rondo, Ravi Moss and Brandon Stockton. 2) ESPN ranks the UK-Clemson bowl matchup as the 22nd best bowl out of the 34 to be played this season. 3) Here is another reason that the BCS is a terrible system to pick a national champion.  The coaches clearly are not paying attention, but lucky for us, The Big Lead, is calling them out for it. 4) The convicted NBA gambling referee Tim Donaghy is now releasing his book and it has many stories about how exactly he bet on games in the NBA.  A ton of people are calling it a great read, but one website decided to research Donaghy's claims about how he bet, and see if he was actually accurate in his claims.  And what do you know, he is NOT.  If you followed Donaghy's advice in his book, you would have lost money, while Donaghy claims he was making $500,000 in profit a year. 5) CNNSI recaps the NFL of the 2000's.

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