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Here was another Playoff scenario that I thought was very interesting and very, very not possible.  It takes a very NCAA basketball tournament flavor and applies it to football.  Here are the basic points: 1) Cut the non-conference season to ONE Division 1-A game and ONE 1-AA game, and play only conference games (8) from there. Conferences would have the option to play a conference championship game, but that game would not count towards the tournament win total, but can improve seeding  The Big East would be mandated to add a 9th team (probably Notre Dame). 2) Teams that are able to play .500 football from there qualify for the playoffs, with a maximum of 64 teams qualifying. If 64 teams do not qualify, then some teams will get byes.  The seeding of the tournament and any cuts that need to be made would be determined by a selection committee. 3) First round games would be played at the better seeded team's home field.  Teams from the same conference would be prohibited from playing in the 1st 2 rounds. 4) Round of 32 games would also be played at the better seeded team's home field UNLESS a non-BCS team who didn't get a home game in Round 1 advances to the second round. 5) Sweet 16 games are played at better seeded team's homefield. 6) Quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals are played on neutral field. Now, this is about as drastic a plan as I have seen, BUT it has some solid arguments. You would certainly never leave out teams that deserve a chance at the national title, while also giving the top teams home games for a few weeks.  It also favors non-BCS teams, and gives them the possibility of even gaining a home game.  It also allows teams to continue any non-conference rivalries they may have. Now, it should be noted this plan was created because it just so happens that this year, 64 teams finished with a .500 record or better in Division 1-A.  And while this is pie in the sky because the big schools would lose a home game or two under this plan, like Kentucky for instance.  But, it would eliminate these silly bowls between MAC and WAC schools, and would allow teams like Kentucky an outside, crazy shot at a national title. NOTE: THIS IS NOT BTI'S PLAN, SO CRUSH IT ALL YOU WOULD LIKE, BUT I DID NOT COME UP WITH IT. ______________________________________________________________ 1) Luke Winn of clearly has a crush on John Wall after reading his article this morning.  Other guys who have announced they have a man-crush on Wall: Dick Vitale, Pat Riley, Rick Bozich, Steven Speilberg, Bono, Oprah Winfrey, Osama Bin Laden, Will Ferrell, and Beyonce.  Those who have announced he is overrated: Barry Lipton (I think thats what I heard his name was, it's something like that) 2) CNNSI breaks down MLB of the 2000's. 3) Couple good gambling stories out there today: -This guy lost $127-million dollars gambling in Vegas in 2007.  And somehow, that is Vegas' fault, according to this guy.  You know what I find interesting about America sometime: We all want all the personal rights and freedom's this country is all about, but when we abuse those rights and freedoms, we then want to blame others for allowing us to exercise our rights and freedoms.  It was that man's right to gamble and gamble and gamble, and just because he lost doesn't mean its the casino's fault.  If he had won $127-million, he wouldn't have given a bunch back to casino claiming it was their fault he won. -There is a guy making $40,000 a year by picking up un-cashed horse racing tickets dropped at the track.  David Williams would call this an abomination (as he pulls the slot machine at the Horseshoe again). 4) Here is something I bet you didn't know: If you take steroids (Barry Bonds), your kids can be the ones with the roid rage.  Note to self: avoid the children of Sammy Sosa. 5) Another funny (maybe not) angle to the Tiger Woods story.  A middle school band was trying to fund-raise money to take a spring break trip to Orlando.  They held an auction with several items, but their cash cow item was an autographed Tiger Woods photo.  The photo ended up getting only $300, and now the band doesn't have the money to go.  Tiger Woods hates little children now, I guess. 6) Here is why everybody should NOT have the right to have a gun

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