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It's never too early to look at the RPI, and currently UK is 23rd in the RPI rankings, with a strength of schedule of 135.  Take a look at how their schedule has played out so far this season, with each opponent's RPI in parentheses: Morehead St (253) Miami, OH (158) Sam Houston St. (172) Rider (199) Cleveland St. (232) Stanford (198) UNC-Asheville (200) North Carolina (74) UCONN (6) Indiana (192) So, as of right now, UK has two wins against the RPI Top 100, and 1 win against the Top 50.  I think its likely that UNC will break the Top 50 before the end of the season, so look for that number against Top 50 teams to be at least 2.  Take a look at UK's remaining non-conference opponents: Austin Peay (73) Drexel (178) Long Beach St. (36) Hartford (325) Louisville (106) I know alot of people have expressed concern because UK's schedule was not great this season, despite Coach Cal vowing to make it tougher.  First of all, the schedule is generally set a year or two in advance, so if you don't like this years, blame Gillispie.  Secondly, the schedule is actually better than you might think.  Last season for instance, UK beat 3 teams who were 300-plus in the RPI.  Right now, Hartford is the only team outside the Top 300 the Cats will play.  The Cats are likely to get 3 Top-100 wins in the non-conference, if you consider Louisville a Top-100 team.  Obviously these numbers will shift alot throughout the season, but the Cats schedule, while not great, has been solid and expect both UCONN and UNC to be Top 20 wins by the end of the season. ________________________________________________________________________ 1) Quick quiz:  What do you think got a fan ejected by Roy Williams at this weekend's UNC-Presbyterian game? a. Coach Cal wants to know how his a** tastes. b. Hey Roy, you got twins, and they BOTH suck. c. Nice sling, nerd. d. *$%%^ ^%$^ %## %^$, Roy e. Don't miss it, Deon. Well, if you guessed (E), you would have been right, while also proving what a over-sensitive jerk Williams can be.  Take a look at the video, and just how Roy overreacted. 2) After Tim Tebow's display of tears after the SEC Championship, a website has created the rules for crying in sports. 3) Is Mr. Belding from Saved by the Bell hooking up with one of Tiger's 19 mistresses?  If so, the story has taken on a whole new angle.  4) Kate Martin tries to dunk a basketball.

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