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Remember to sign-up for the KSR Bowl Pick'em Contest through  Here is the info needed to sign-up: ID#: 31500 Password: ksr There are already 260 entries as of last night. _____________________________________________________________________ 1) Even though this season isn't over, one website has created a college football Top 25 for 2010 (which Rick Bozich has blogged about), and it has one very glaring ranking.  Boise St. comes in at preseason #2, which if actually happened, would likely help give a non-BCS champ a shot at a national title. 2) Yup,there is a video that has surfaced of Bill Walton rapping.  And no I did not forget to put a "w" at the beginning of that word, it's actually Bill Walton doing his best Tupac impersonation.  And if you don't know who Tupac is then all I can say is, enjoy being old. 3) The Top 100 viral videos of 2009, all slammed together in 3 minutes.  Very entertaining. 4) Uh oh.  Tiger Woods has been linked to a doctor who has been linked to steroids.  I am not saying Woods has done 'roids, but tell me ONE athlete who has been linked to a steroid doctor and it turned out they DIDN'T take 'roids. 5) Last minute Christmas gift. 6) Kate Martin continues to try and dunk a basketball

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