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The picture above is of's Evan Daniels and is fantastic for several reasons: a. Evan is generally a good looking dude, but he looks like Urkel in the picture b. John Wall's hype is getting over the top, but its alot of fun to watch _________________________________________________________________ At last check, here are the approval ratings of the KSR writers from yesterday's poll Kate Martin: 99% (Estimate) Thomas Beisner: 88% Matt Jones: 82% Tomlin: 77% Dustin Rumbaugh: 74% Will Lentz: 65% Drew Franklin: 64% Intern: 60% Fake Gimel: 56% BTI: 48% Christopher Johns: 48% Patrick Barker: 41% Hunter Campbell: 37% __________________________________________________________________ CNNSI is taking some heat because their ads at the top of the page did not go well with their Chris Henry story.  Now, I have heard two sides of the Chris Henry story and I am kinda interested in what you all think.  Of course, Henry had been arrested many times and had generally been known as a problem player in the NFL.  But this season with the Bengals, Henry had played well and stayed out of trouble until he broke his arm.  And then what happened happened with his fiance.  Here are the two schools of thought: a. A tragedy.  Anyone who dies at 26 the way Henry died is tragic. b. Henry was constantly in trouble, and does something stupid like jump in the back of a moving truck.  He was a grown-up and his decisions killed him.  No sympathy for Henry, but instead for his children.  I wanted to know what you all thought.  Did Henry bring this on himself by consistently making poor decisions despite great advantages.  Or, does it not matter what kind of person Henry was, but rather the way he died was tragic.  _________________________________________________________________ 1) Those of you who want to hold off on the suspicion of Tiger Woods and steroid use, let me ask you this question: Why would the richest athlete in the world go to a less than reputable doctor in Canada to help with rehab on a fairly regular knee injury?  Let's even assume this doctor DIDN'T have problems with HGH distribution, why would you travel to Canada so that a sneaky doctor can inject you with "calves blood"?  I'm not sayin, I'm just sayin.  This stinks bad. 2) Who are the Top 10 sport's villains of the 2000's? 3) Pat Forde takes a close look at all 34 bowls, with interesting facts from each.  Might want to look at it before making your final picks in the KSR Bowl Pick'em contest.  4) WITHOUT QUESTION, THE GREATEST VIDEO EVER MADE.

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