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Beisner has made some gains on Drew Franklin is the quest to become the 2009 KSR Favorite Blogger, but keep an eye out for Will Lentz, who is getting alot of ground support from the 5-8 age range.  Nonetheless, we have 4 days left in the voting, so keep voting ONCE A DAY in the Picks to Click. Also, I have got to call out those people who have multiple screen names and are trying to vote for somebody more than once.  I mean seriously, how lame do you have to be to have multiple screen names on a blog and then use that to try and vote in a fairly meaningless contest multiple times.  Look, I am a dork, there is no doubt, but that takes dorkiness to a whole new level.  So, the four of you who I have already caught, just keep in mind that Kate Martin or any girl for that matter, will never touch you. STANDINGS THROUGH DECEMBER 26th 1. Drew Franklin: 29.2% 2. Beisner: 15.3% 3. Matt Jones: 12.4% 4. Dustin Rumbaugh: 11.7% 5. Kate Martin: 8.0% 6. BTI: 7.3% 7. Rob Gidel: 5.1% T-8. Tomlin/FGM: 2.9% 10. Hunter Campbell: 2.2% T-11. Chris Johns/Mosley/Will Lentz/Patrick Barker: 0.7% _____________________________________________________________________ I know they have gotten some publicity on this site and throughout the state, but it is really time to get on board the UK women's basketball train.  Before even looking at the stats, this is about as exciting a women's team as you will find in the country.  The get up and down the floor at breakneck speed, and force turnovers at a dizzying clip.  I watched my first game against Louisville last weekend (a 34-point win), and it really is must-see TV.  Take a look at some of the amazing stats this season: PPG: 83.9 (5th in the country) Scoring Margain: 29.3 (2nd in the country) Steals per game: 12.8 (8th in the country) Turnovers forced per game: 26.0 (1st in the country) Top Scorers Victoria Dunlap (senior): 18.9 PPG Adia Mathies (freshman): 12.2 PPG Amber Smith (junior): 10.7 PPG Carly Morrow (junior): 10.3 PPG Keyla Snowden (sophomore): 8.3 PPG Amani Franklin (senior): 8.2 PPG Rebecca Gray (sophomore): 7.5 PPG The girls are going to get a big-time test tonight when they travel to play MTSU on the road.  They have a first-team All-American in Alysha Clark, who is 3rd in the country in points and rebounds.  If the Cats can get by the Blue Raiders, they get one more easy non-conference game and would head into conference play at 13-0, with the first game being a road game at 9th ranked Georgia.  ____________________________________________________________________ -If you want to take a local spin on the Urban Meyer leave of abscence while also having a good laugh, just go and visit a Louisville football message board.  Many of those fools actually think that with Meyer leaving for a while, that means all those 4 and 5 star recruits are on their way to Louisville now, simply because Charlie Strong is now the coach.  Just answer this question for me: Would you rather play for Charles Manson at USC or Steve Spurrier at Western Kentucky?  I would say most 5-star guys would rather play at USC with Manson. -What have we learned about the conferences so far this bowl season: The Mountain West is for real, the Pac-10 is overrated, and the SEC plays alot of bowls late in the season.  -So, I want to admit something to everybody: I HAVE BECOME A REAL FAN OF THE SHOW "SPORTSNATION".  It took a while, and they needed a few weeks to work out the kinks, but I find the show strangely entertaining, with the very very hot Michelle Beadle basically poking fun at Colin Cowherd for an hour.  I know the hate of Cowherd in this fanbase, but frankly I don't care, because the show is really unique and they do a good job of keeping is fresh and fun.  Anyway, the voted on their video of the year recently, and the winner was the "Dude Perfect" amazing basketball shots video. -Just how not funny is Dane Cook?  Well, he even got booed off the stage at the Teen Choice Awards.  You remember that picture of me from Halloween where I am wearing the double popped collar and aviator glasses.  Well, those are the only people who like Dane Cook.  And when you can't even entertain teenagers, YOU SUCK! They are remaking the "Karate Kid" with Will Smith's son and Jackie Chan.  No, it's not a comedy. 

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