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These 3 lovely ladies above are some of my closest friends in life and I am announcing them as "BTI's KSR Fans of the Year".  All 3 are Big Blue super-fans and if it wasn't so freaking cold the day this picture was taken, they have massive amounts of UK gear on underneath the jackets.  I figure of all the lessons I have learned this year on KSR, maybe the #1 thing I know now is "Women like the Cats too."  You will never see me put sexy male pictures in my post, and I will continue to ridicule Kate Martin at all times, but I think these 3 wonderful women prove that a woman's blood can be just as blue as a man's.  They get just as nervous during close games as their boyfriends/husbands and I know a couple of them want the Erruption Zone tickets just as bad as the frat brothers.  So, I raise my glass (just use your imagination) to the Lady UK fans today, and especially my good friends above, for their support of the team and the blog and to put up with us guys who actually care what John Wall's shoe size is.  NOTE #1: None of these ladies are single, so better just move on from there. NOTE #2: This will be my last post of 2009 as I have to go in for a small surgery tomorrow (sorry, not a brain transplant).  I look to come back even stronger in 2010, but for the next 2 days Beisner will dominate the 10AM time slot, so treat him as if he was me.  That is to say call him nasty names and send him hate mail.  __________________________________________________________________________ Updated KSR Favorite Blogger Contest Standings 1. Drew Franklin: 23.2% (-2.9%) 2. Beisner: 18.3% (+1.3%) 3. Dustin Rumbaugh: 11.6% (-1.1%) 4. Matt Jones: 9.8% (-1.1%) T-5. BTI/Kate Martin: 9.4% (+.9%) 7. Rob Gidel: 5.4% (-.1%) 8. Tomlin: 4.0% (+1.0%) 9. Hunter Campbell: 3.6% (+1.2%) 10. Fake Gimel: 2.7% (-.3%) 11. Will Lentz: 0.9% (+.3%) T-12. Chris Johns/Mosley/Patrick Barker: 0.4% (-.2%) KEEP VOTING IN TODAY’S POST. YOU HAVE 2 DAYS REMAINING. ____________________________________________________________________________ -It was not the best 2009 for Erin Andrews for obvious reasons.  But, Andrews is now saying she recieved a TON of support from many of the college coaches she covers, and guys like Tim Tebow (of course).  One name she makes a point to spotlight: John Calipari.  You can say what you want about the coaching abilities of UK coaches, but we have really had a good run of coaches who seem to have a caring heart, sans Gillispie.  And even Gillispie had a couple instances where he was more than generous, especially in his early days in Lexington. -Here are some highlight videos of the Top 10 High School QB's in the country in the Class of 2010.  The schools who are lucky enough to get these guys: BYU, Alabama, USC, UCLA, Oklahoma, Texas, Tennessee, Penn St, California, and Washington. -If you like MMA, here are the Top 10 knockouts of the year. -Athletes are really in trouble with the creation of  That site should never have a lack of material.

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