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Bad Mix -STAY TUNED TO KSR FOR ALL THE COVERAGE OF THE RICH BROOKS PRESS CONFERENCE. NOTE ON FAVORITE BLOGGER RESULTS: I do have the final tally but I am sending it all to the Florida Election Committee to verify the results.  Early projections have me winning, and Hunter Campbell 2nd, but we will see what the final numbers are tomorrow.  Seriously.  And it is going to be VERY close between Beisner and Drew Franklin.  1) This was already linked in the link dump yesterday, but of all the articles written yesterday, the one I found most interesting was by Gary Parrish, who writes that Demarcus Cousins behavior may be the biggest roadblock to a UK national title.  And after watching the game Saturday, I am afraid that I agree.  Honestly, I thought the elbow was a cheap shot (because it was intentional, while the knee to Cousins head appeared to not be) but the refs assessed technicals to Cousins and Swopshire, so that seems fair to me.  But, it absolutely annoys me how on every foul call and every missed shot by Demarcus, he has to throw his arms in the air and make a small scene, thus losing his concentration in the game itself.  And despite all of these lacks of concentration, Cousins still went for 18 and 18.  Imagine what he would have scored if he just played the game without all the extra antics?  Look, I think Cousins the most skilled big man I have ever seen at UK (25 years), and I think he is just as important as Wall to the overall success of the team, BUT I am really, really concerned Demarcus is headed towards an ejection in a game of importance.  I want the guy to be a legend at UK, and he seems to be INCREDIBLY likeable off the court.  And I like my big men to have a mean streak to them (i.e. Magloire), but Demarcus toes the line between mean-streak and excessive too often.  That's all I am saying, I support the guy, am a fan of the guy, just would like to see ALL of his efforts directed at the game and not the officials/other players.      2) The other shoe on the O.J. Mayo scandal at USC has finally dropped, with the Trojans now offering to give up postseason play this season, lose some scholarships and ALL wins from that season.  A season, by the way, that ended in a 1st round NCAA loss.  So, I am sure Tim Floyd and the Trojans administration are damn glad they went after Mayo.  3) I am so, so, so, so glad that somebody put this up on Deadspin, because I truly haven't laughed this hard at a clip since watching Kate Martin try and dunk a basketball.  If you happened to be watching ESPN Gamedayon Friday, they brought on this blind child who they highlighted a few weeks back to pick some games.  He was really good, and at the very end of the show, for whatever crazy ass reason, Lee Corso TRIED TO SHAKE THE KIDS HAND.  To top it off, Corso was wearing a mascot duck head.  It was gold, Jerry, gold! 4) The Year 2009 in On-Air Sports Screw-Ups.  If they made a blog screw-ups list, how many BTI posts would have made it this year? 5) Attractive Girls Union may attack Matt Jones soon if the hair doesn't change.  6) You must watch the end of the Florida-NC State game last night.

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