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INTERESTING NOTES THROUGH 15 GAMES THIS BASKETBALL SEASON -John Calipari has won 15 non-conference games this season, Billy Gillispie won 17 in 2 years -Calipari has beaten 5 BCS schools already, Gillispie beat 3 in two years (conference games excluded) -Calipari is +28 in scoring margin against UL, UNC, and IU. Gillispie was -46 in 2 years (1-5). -Calipari has lost ZERO games against non-BCS schools, Gillispie lost 5 1) I gotta say, FOX's coverage of the Fiesta Bowl was laughable at best.  First, the coin toss was never seen because the camera blacked out.  Then, they kept going to these Boise St. dance team girls that were not easy on the eyes.  They showed a guy vomiting, and it was clear FOX told the two teams to play like crap.  On a somewhat funny/maybe not funny note, the blog world was on fire right after the game because of a 10-second clip of a Boise St. band member playing a cowbell, and looking very uninterested in doing it.  Well, it turned out the girl was blind, so a lot of blogs had to retract and look like fools.  2) ESPN is going to break out its new ESPN 3-D in 2010, meaning I will have to search my toy chest for those floppy paper glasses I used at Disney World in 1994.  And they are going to unveil this new state of the art technology at......wait for it.......the Mexico-South Africa World Cup soccer match.  Now, I know most of us have been looking forward to that clash of titans for sometime now, but I would guess with the new 3-D feature, we will be looking at a possible 1.0 rating now. 3) The Harlem Globetrotters are coming into Kentucky in next few days, but they will do so without one of their new players, and no I am not talking about Shagari. 4) There is now a girl that dunks fairly easily.  And it's not Kate Martin.  Bryan the Intern has been writing for KentuckySportsRadio since December 2007.  He graduated from Western Kentucky University and currently works as a radio producer.  If you would like to contact BTI, send an email to bryan.h[email protected].

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