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1) Gilbert Arenas Got what he deservedand has been suspended indefinitely by the NBA, for not only pulling a gun on a teammate but then acting like a complete prick when talking about it to the media recently.  I think Arenas should be arrested because if I pull a gun on Beisner and his baby at a mall, I would be arrested.  Why is what Arenas did any different?  ATHLETES ARE NOT ABOVE LAW.  Same reason I think if you throw a punch in a game, you should be charged with assault.  But nonetheless, I hope Arenas is done for the year and takes his smug little attitude home. 2) Roberto Alomar, one the 10 best second basemen in history, was somehow shut outof the Hall of Fame yesterday, while Andre Dawson deservedly got in.  I am most interested in some of the other players to receive votes, including Eric Karros (2), Ellis Burks (2), and David freakin Segui (1).  The person who voted for David Segui needs to be forced to spend a day with Gilbert Arenas making bets.  3) Fidel Castro is greater than Wilt Chamberlain.    4) Seriously, FOX is atrocious with its BCS coverage.  It only intensified with this question from Chris Meyer's after the Orange Bowl. Bryan the Intern has been writing for KentuckySportsRadio since December 2007.  He graduated from Western Kentucky University and currently works as a radio producer.  If you would like to contact BTI, send an email to [email protected].

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