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OK, I have made you wait long enough for the final results in the KSR Favorite Blogger Contest.  After Intern won in 2007, and Beisner won in 2008, we crown another new champ in 2009, Drew Franklin.  Beisner put on a furious rally in the last few days, but finished a total of 5 votes shy of repeating.  Here are the final results: 1. Drew Franklin: 76 votes (23.1%) 2. Beisner: 71 votes (21.6%) 3. Dustin Rumbaugh: 34 votes (10.3%) 4. BTI: 32 votes (9.7%) T-5. Matt Jones and Kate Martin: 30 votes (9.1%) 7. Rob Gidel: 17 votes (5.2%) 8. Hunter Campbell: 13 votes (4.0%) 9. Tomlin: 12 votes (3.7%) 10. Fake Gimel: 6 votes (1.8%) T-11. Will Lentz and Patrick Barker: 2 votes (0.6%) T-13. Chris Johns and Mosley: 1 vote (0.3%) Now, Beisner will pass along several duties to Drew that he will surely fail at like the previous 2 winners: a. Takes over re-design of the site b. Takes over scheduling a podcast with Andy Katz c. Takes over firing BTI d. Takes over covering the UK rifle team _________________________________________________________________ 1) It looks like Scottie Pippen hurt a "little person".  Or they hurt him.  It's really hard to say, but there is video. 2) Lebron and Dwight Howard have shot a remake of the Bird-Jordan HORSE commerical.  And it is sure to be ruined forever.  Mostly because I am sure Lebron will not wear the Cosby-esque sweater that Jordan wore. 3) With Colt McCoy getting hurt so early in the BCS title game, another blog took a look at some of the ill-timed injuries in sports history.  It got me thinking about UK sports, and I can think of 3 different ill-timed injuries that affected UK sports: a. Keith Bogans sprains ankle, Cats lose in Elite Eight b. Derek Anderson blows out knee in 1997 c. James Whalen has elbow dislocate in Music City Bowl, Cats lose to Syracuse 4) People generally making fools of themselves

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