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So, now you have proof about Chuck Norris and his PJ's. 1) Check out this video from Russia, where a pro hockey game had to be cancelled because a brawl in the 1st period left too few players to finish the game.  Now, I have always been torn about hockey fighting, because why is it OK for hockey players to fight and not get ejected but you can't do that in any other pro team sports league?  But, you have to ask whether hockey could really survive without the fighting, because many people attend hockey to watch fighting.  I think you have to keep the fighting in the game to simply keep it interesting to an average fan, but I think it should also be an automatic ejection for the players fighting.  That way we don't have these silly fights over a good hit or somebody colliding with the goalie.  2) Buffalo Bills running back Marshawn Lynch is an idiot, plain and simple.  He is Pacman Jones all over again.  He is such a fool he went so far as to STEAL 20 dollars from somebody at a local restaurant.  By the way, Lynch is making 3-million dollars this year.  Of course, it's costs alot to keep up a classy posse that I am sure Lynch is rolling around with, so he probably doesn't have that much money. 3) Kenny Perry took home a cool $208,000 for finishing 6th in the first PGA Tour event.  I have said it before and I will say it again: I know these tournament bring in tons of money, BUT is money more skewed anywhere more than golf.  For instance, the guy who finished LAST in this week's tournament made $70,000 dollars.  The guy was poor at his profession in that particular week compared to the other golfers, was the worst of the week, and made more money than most of us do in a year.  Admittedly, this week's tournament had no cut, so normally that player would have made no money, it's still amazing to see what the guy who finishes last of the players who make the cut makes in a tournament. 4) How about my Cincinnati Reds actually making a move in the off-season?  They signed a Cuban "phenom" who can supposedly throw 115 MPH from the left side.  He is like Brendan Fraser from "The Scout".  5) An interesting look at a very early Top 25 for college football next season.  Could we see Boise St. as a FAVORITE to win the national title?    6) A FANTASTIC Muhammad Ali tribute 7) LaDainian Tomlinson is, without question, the best white running back in history after watching this video. 

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