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deathkiller 1) More and more, it appears that Eagles fans may be the most classless group of fans in the country.  Two bozos wearing Eagles gear slashed a woman's face who was wearing a Tomo Romo shirt in Pennslyvania.  I don't care if somebody is wearing a UT hat with a T-shirt that has a picture of Christian Laettner stomping on Timberlake on the front and Louisville shorts, nobody deserves to have their face cut open for the clothes they wear.  And of course, this woman had the last laugh because th Cowboys kicked some serious tail last weekend. 2) So, should NBC News anchor Brian Williams put his personal opinion during the newcast on the Mark McGwire steroid admission?  It's one things for blowhards at Fox News or CNN or MSNBC to rant and rave about things they just googled and know nothing about, but its another for a respected news ANCHOR to do this to open a newscast.  I can't say that I am really that offended, but there are only a couple places where people can generally get un-biased news coverage, and that normally is the 6:30 news.  I hope this isn't a trend that continues.  3) Greg Doyel may have found a couple of "celebrities" to box.  If we call Jon Gosselin and Lindsey Lohan's father celebrities.  Which I don't.  So, Doyel may have found a couple of middle-aged overweight guys to box. 4) With all the controversey over Jay Leno and Conan going on right now, I thought I would link up one of Leno's best skits, "Headlines".  Here are some the stupider newspaper headlines imaginable.  5) What does a 1920's reporter in 2009 sound like? 6) This clip has reemerged now that McGwire has come out with his admission. 

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