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  If you would like to donate to the Haiti Earthquake Victims, you can visit the American Red Cross website.  1) The world may very well implode during the early part of next year's college basketball season because Louisville is pursuing and hopes to open their new arena with......drumroll please....... Duke.  And frankly when the dirty Cards and Dukies get on a floor together, children around the state will immediately break into tears.  On a serious note, it surprises me that UL would open with an opponent that could beat them.  That isn't the way I would want to open my expensive new building, but the Cards are a strange bunch.    2) You must must must read this story about what exactly went down with Marvin Harrison many months ago.  To put it bluntly, Harrison tried to murder a guy.  It is an amazing story about the perception of Harrison as shy and quiet appears to not be accurate.  I have no clue if this article will hurt Harrison with the law, but if this witnesses story is true, Harrison is looking at serious jail time.    3) Gilbert Arenas, at different times in past, has owned SEVERAL HUNDRED guns at once!  Why would any one person need 200 or 300 guns in their possession?  I don't know if I should go on a rant about what a waste of money that is, or how dangerous it is to have that much heat in your home.  Arenas is just reckless and foolishon so many levels that he makes me look reasonable.  And that's hard to do, as I am sure you all have figured out.    4) Right on cue, a website has taken the Alex Tyus hairline controversy and actually found 9 athletes with "better" hairlines than the Gator.  5) Sports Illustrated releases their Top 25 for 2010 in college football.  6) Looks like they have a little race problem in Pennsylvania.  Whats sad about this story is the two students who painted their bodies black to taunt a rival player, they were not expelled or kicked out the of gym, they were simply asked to remove the paint and ALLOWED BACK INTO THE MEET.  I'm sure the rival wrestler who was taunted and his family felt really comfortable about that.  Stupidity breeding stupidity too much sometimes. 7) I think the Jersey Shore is no different than any other reality show.  Docuhey guys and loose girls.  But, if you like the show (ahem...Matt), you will like this parody. 

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