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NOTE: My girlfriend, Caroline Wozniacki, lost this morning in the 4th round of the Australian Open to some girl from China.  It's always the communists who bring us down. 1) Urban Meyer can not be believed ever again.  Because if he is willing to basically shorten his life for the sake of college football, and then lie about it, then he word carries no weight.  And clearly priorities might be a little screwed up in Meyer's life. 2) It's been a while since I have taken shots at US Soccer, but this weekend gave me a great opportunity to do so.  First and foremost, the US was trounced by Honduras 3-1 in California on Saturday.  Now, according to this game wrap-up, the US was playing with it's second squad and a player got ejected in the 1st half.  In my mind, we should (if soccer is as popular in this country as some claim) be able to beat freaking Honduras with our 2nd squad.  But, I don't even really care about that, because basically any Central American team has shown the ability to beat the USA.  But, what I found most interesting from the article is that the crowd, again in California, was called "pro-Honduras".  How in heck can a professional game on American soil against a small country like Honduras still not garner enough American support for it to feel like a home game?  Soccer fanatics, explain this to me. 3) More on the "all-white" basketball league proposed by the guy in Georgia.  And what do you know, my friend and yours, Bomani Jones, gets the big interview with the guy.  Which in itself is funny, because I am sure Bomani would have rather punched him, but he is a true professional. 4) Digger Phelps shaking his groove thang (as Drew pointed out yesterday) 5) Conan O'Brien really getting in his shots at NBC

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