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mickey20wall 1) I could not be happier that Vandy is UK's opponent this weekend, because right now, Vandy is the best team in the SEC.  They are the only undefeated team in the league and got a very impressive win at Tennessee last night.  And coming off the loss to South Carolina, it will be a great test to see how the Cats respond to adversity against a very quality opponent.  But after seeing the result in Knoxville last night, I think its premature to assume the Cats will roll on Saturday.  I am looking for a very tough battle.    2) The loss to South Carolina did not hurt the Cats at all in the RPI, where UK holds strong at 8th.  Which, by the way, is ahead of Texas, Purdue, and Michigan State, all considered elite teams.  Nobody should care if UK makes it back to #1 the rest of the year, you should only care about the #1 seed come March.  So, deep breaths from the UK fanbase is suggested here. 3) The first shoe has dropped in the Gilbert "Guns" Arenas and Javaris "Guns" Crittenton, with both guys being suspended for the rest of the season.  Personally, I think this was the minimum that David Stern could have handed out, but he understands that a lifetime ban would have likely been overturned by lawyers.  I think a "fair" suspension would have been 3 years, but allow the two players to play in the NBDL or Europe.  Now, the next step will be a legit prison sentence for Arenas, which comes in March.  It's not likely to happen, because he is an athlete after all, but maybe in this one case, a normal punishment will be given out.  4) Last week, I mentioned that Gary Parrish is running down his Top 10 NCAA Tournament games of the 2000's.  He just released #7: Davidson-Georgetown in 2008.  Interested to see where Kentucky-Michigan St. will rank.  5) Yesterday, I brought up a story about Tim Tebow and it, of course, turned into a ridiculous conversation in the comments section.  So, lets keep it to sports today and mention that Tebow is having a TERRIBLE time at the Senior Bowl, not a good sign for Superman's pro prospects. 6) Patrick Patterson took it pretty hard on the chin yesterday, so some people I think need a refresher course on what exactly he can do.  The guy is a LEGEND.

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