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1) After the loss of a football recruit this week, UK now ranks 48th nationally and 11th in the SEC for the 2010 football recruiting class.  But, whether you think thats good or not, UK has used classes like this to 3 bowl wins and some HUGE SEC wins, so I am not worried. 2) Heard this very interesting note on a local radio show last night, and thought how strange it is how things turn out sometimes.  Some of you probably remember that Demarcus Cousins initially wanted to, and committed to, playing for Mike Davis and UAB.  But, what I had never heard was why he didn't sign a letter of intent with them.  All Cousins wanted in the letter was a clause that said if Davis left the school, he could be let out of his letter.  It's a common clause in letter of intents these days.  But for whatever reason, UAB would not give Cousins this clause.  The the dominos started falling, and Cousins ended up at Kentucky.  By the way, Mike Davis is still the coach at UAB, and they are 18-2 this season, with wins over Georgia, Arkansas, Butler, and Cincinnati.  How good would their record be if they also had Cousins on their team?  Good call, UAB administration. 3) The NFL Mock Drafts have really started coming out in full force now that the Senior Bowl practices have started.  And one thing is sure, Florida Gators will be littered throughout the first round. 4) A couple of Louisville weathermen decided to have a little fun, while also completely following all white people stereotypes, such as poor dancing and the inability to complete a high-five. 5) Thanks to the folks over at Extra Mustard, we get some of the best high school dunking videos around.  Very entertaining.  Reminds me of the days when I was dunking all over the Louisville high school basketball crowd.

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