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Really cool story in ESPN The Magazine about how one Nets fan was allowed to present an inbounds play to the team, and they actually run it during a game.  Admittedly, this fan's play led to a miss contested 3-pointer, but really its the Nets, so what did you expect?  Let me pose this question to you though: "10 seconds left.  UK down 1, inbounding the ball at midcourt.  The 5 players on the floor are Wall, Bledsoe, Dodson, Patterson, and Cousins.  And just to make it fun, assume that the opponent's 5 players all play defense equally as well.  What's the play that you call?" The person who can draw up the best play in the comments section, I will take to John Calipari personally, and he is likely to run it in the NCAA Tournament, because he does take my opinion on basketball very seriously.  _______________________________________________________________________ 1) It's safe to say that Tim Tebow's draft stock is dropping faster than Karen Sypher's undergarments right now after a horrible performance in the Senior Bowl.  Reports are that Tebow's throwing motion is highly criticized and he struggled greatly taking snaps under center.  But CNNSI's Stewart Mandel says that you need to look no further than Drew Brees to argue that Tebow will be successful in the NFL. 2) U2 The Who will be performing in the Super Bowl on Sunday, and the people of Miami are on alert of Pete Townshend, U2 The Who guitarist, is a registered sex offender.  I think the people of Miami should be more on alert if Ray Lewis shows up, because when you mix Super Bowl's and Lewis, people sometimes die. 3) Note to all women: do NOT cancel a man's ESPN.  Or you are fittin' to get stabbed.  Kate Martin once cancelled ESPN AND ESPNU, just so she didn't have to watch UK football.  Or at least that's the rumor.

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