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1) Former UK golfer J.B. Holmes played ok in his first PGA Tour event this year, finishing 27th and taking home $36,000 for his trouble.  And by trouble, I mean swinging a light titanium golf club 283 times over 4 days, while playing on one of the nicest courses in the country. 2) I have always said that one way the NBA could make their all-star weekend more entertaining is to remove the current 3-point contest, and instead replace the normal participants and replace them with centers.  I would LOVE to see Shaq, Oden, Yao Ming, Tim Duncan, and other big goof centers take their chances at 25 3-point shots.  That would be must-see TV.  Anyway, center Channing Frye is going to participate in this years contest, although he barely qualifies as a center, and is 2nd in the league in 3-pointers made.  3) Talk is really starting to heat up that Pittsburgh will be headed to the Big 10 in the near future.  It's a good fit for the Big 10, and costs the Big East one of their few football strong schools.  I would guess Memphis would be the choice to replace Pitt.  4) There may not be a worse group of people in America than the members of the Westboro Baptist Church, who have picketed at soldiers' funerals and basically hate everyone but themselves.  How is this sports related, you might ask?  Well, they recently picketed an NHL game because its a "cold (you will truly pray for these days of being in the cold hockey games when you burn in hell for eternity) violent, time-wasting hockey game." If anyone ever deserved to take a hockey slap shot to the skull, its these morons.  5) This is what happens when you have a Bud Light clothing drive

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