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West Virginia Fan How are the Billy Gillispie players doing this season at their respective schools: Matt Pilgrim (Oklahoma St): 7.4 PPG, 6.2 RPG, 16.6 MPG Mark Coury (Cornell): 3.0 PPG, 3.0 RPG, 12.4 MPG Kevin Galloway (Texas Southern): Not Playing AJ Stewart (Texas State): Not playing Adam Delph (Asbury College): 10.4 PPG, 29.3 3FG% Landon Slone (Morehead St.): transferred from Morehead before season I have no idea where Donald Williams or Matt Schebenskeres have gone, so if anybody knows, please make a comment. _________________________________________________________________ 1) I got bashed pretty hard on Tuesday when I said that Texas was likely to beat Kansas next Monday, knocking them from #1.  Well, considering one of the worst BCS teams, Colorado, took the Jayhawks to overtimeon Wednesday, I think my argument got a little stronger.  And I will say it again, I think Syracuse may be in trouble this weekend against Cincinnati.  Remember that Depaul should have beaten the Cuse last weekend. 2) West Virginia fans were acting like typical.....well West Virginia residents....during this week's game against Pitt and began throwing objects on the floor, including striking a Pitt coach.  Luckily, you have a mean SOB for a coach in Bob Huggins who ain't gonna put up with that stuff, and he made his point quite clear to the crowd. 3) USC football just took a committment from a 13-year-old, 135-pound QUARTERBACK!  Somehwere in Texas, Billy Gillispie is taking a sigh of relief, as the ridiculousness of recruiting just left his plate.  4) Did the Colts practice reverse discrimination with the hiring of Jim Caldwell?  And understand I am laughing while writing this, because despite the fact things have gotten better, the coaches and owners of professional sports are still a lighter skinned group, so it's pretty ballsy to write that the Colts did not follow "proper" procedure when hiring a minority. 5) OK, here is some good soccer news: The Champions League final in 2009 was the most watched sporting event in the world last year, with over 200 million seeing some or all of the soccer final, which without researching it, probably had some people flopping and a score of 1-0 or something.  Here are some other FUN FACTS about South Carolina athletics (in response to their resolution) -They have not won a NCAA Tournament game since 1973 (UK has won 69 tourney games since 1973) -They lost consecutive NCAA Tourney games against 15 and 14 seeds in 1997 and 1998 -They have won 1 SEC Men's Basketball title (UK has won 43, including 5 since USC won theirs) -They have never won a SEC Women's Basketball title (UK won one in 1982) -They have NEVER won an SEC football title (UK has won 2) -They have NEVER been to a BCS-level bowl (UK has been to 2) -They have only won 4 bowl games in their history (UK has won 8 )

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