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Awesome Snowman John Wall This picture is creepy to me because the actually gave the Wall Snowman pecs.  A little too detailed fellas.  1) Interesting article about the best towns and college basketball towns in each of the major college conferences.  In the SEC, Nashville takes the cake for towns, but Lexington wins it for college basketball town in a landslide.  2) Is it possible that Rick Pitino could be John Wall's coach in the NBA?  According to this article, Pitino might be interested in the Nets job.  Kind of interesting that Calipari has followed Pitino to UK, and Pitino may follow Calipari to the Nets.    3) Looks like Elin is going to give Tiger Woods 6 months to prove his faithfulness to her.  Seriously Tiger, if you can not stay faithful to THAT woman for 6 freakin' months, then maybe sex addiction is a real disease.  On a similar note, I wish I could find the quote but George Brett said it best when he talked about being a pro athlete.  He said that no pro athlete should get married during his playing days because it is just too hard to stay faithful.  He suggested just "living it up" during your prime years, then settling down in retirement. listening?  4) Just when we thought that we all might finally be rid of Chris Berman on ESPN, it looks like he is here to stay.  I think Berman is actually a worse figure than Dick Vitale, because at least Vitale still goes to games and adds SOMETHING to the game, Berman just sits in the studio and repeats the same, stupid, rumbling bumbling jokes for 15 years.  When is the last time Berman made a NEW shtick, a new saying, a new joke, or added anything of substance to the conversation.  He's as worn out as Stuart Scott.  5) Brooklyn Decker-Roddick is gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated.  And I think we can all agree that was a good choice. 6) Gary Parrish continues his countdown of the 10 best NCAA Tournament games of the decade with #5, Duke-UCONN from 2004.  I still say it will be a sham if UK-Michigan St. is not in the Top 4. 7) Speaking of Tiger, in case you missed his Super Bowl ad

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