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wall John Wall touches all parts of the continent 1) Here is a good news, bad news story of sorts for you: I got a lot of entertainment reading the twitter of ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski yesterday (as Matt also mentioned) because he basically spent hours diving into the Pitino to the Nets rumors.  What's clear is that Wojo (thats what I am calling him) has a tiny bit of bitterness towards Pitino, and he was willing to call out Pitino for lying.  BUT BUT BUT, in one particular message he says: "Here's Pitino's nightmare scenario: Gets Nets job, puts Commonwealth in rear view and ...LeBron decides to take Cal to the Knicks with him." Now, what has Wojo heard about Cal to the Knicks, I have no idea.  It's likely just a rumor and not to be taken too seriously.  But, on top of that tweet was the story in this morning's NY Post, that says that the Nets have both Coach K and Coach Cal as targets for the head coaching job.  I guess the only question that can be asked is if you are worried, as fans, that Coach Cal might be lured away?  I would think the odds are incredibly slim, but Lebron and a boat-load of cash can be enticing.        _________________________________________________________________ 2) Big props to the UK softball team, who started their season yesterday by beating 5th ranked Arizona St. on their home field.  This team really shined last year and this looks to be a breakout season for them.  3) Yesterday, you may remember me posting the picture of the John Wall snowman.  Well, as it turns out, that picture came from a really cool website called, which dives into sports from around the state.  A pretty good read for the true sports lovers out there.    4) Can you believe it has been 20 years since Buster Douglas beat down Mike Tyson in Tokyo?  Still likely the greatest upset in sports history in my opinion.  ESPN breaks down the myths of that fight. 5) Hilton Armstrong clearly thought the Rock N Jock 50-point shot was in play.  Or he is just a cheap player. 6) Former UK killer Shan Foster broke out the Casio for this gem from 2008

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