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Interesting topic that my buddy, Brad Buckingham, brought my way yesterday, and I would like to know what you all think.  Throughout UK basketball history, there has been one player that has generally defined each decade since the 1940's.  For example: 1940's: Ralph Beard 1950's: Cliff Hagan 1960's: Dan Issel 1970's: Jack Givens 1980's: Kenny Walker 1990's: Jamal Mashburn So, they question is: which player defined UK basketball last decade?  Keep in mind that 2010 does not count for last decade, so Wall and Cousins don't count.  In my mind, there are 3 players that could qualify: Tayshaun Prince, Chuck Hayes, and Patrick Patterson.  So, which one of those guys do you think was the face of the last 10 years?  __________________________________________________________________________  1) Despite the recent 2-game slide, the UK women's basketball team is getting some love from ESPN.  2) Former UK golfer JB Holmes took home another decent check this weekend, plus in $18,000-plus for his efforts at a tourney in Pheonix.  Holmes has now made $971,000-plus in just 4 tournaments this year without even winning a tournament.  I would say if Holmes was any kind of good man, he would donate $100,000 or so to KSR for a new server.  3) Who was the big winner of the Olympics?  I would say CURLING.  Despite NBC and it's dope affiliates not explaining the rules or scoring, I would say that nearly everybody in this country watched more curling than any other sport the past 2 weeks.  Add to that, the ladies of curling were smokin. 4) Danica Patrick wrecked again this weekend.  Michelle Wie is smiling somewhere.  Kate Martin is crying somewhere, thats her hero, don't you know?  5) The NFL Combine is going on right now.  How important is it?  Alot for draft position, but when you watch this video of Tom Brady at the combine, you realize it doesn't always give the best impression of how a guy will turn out.

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