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-Louisville is picked to be the worstteam in the Big East.  That's right, worse than Syracuse who is playing with about 2/3 of their allotted scholarships.  We are really going to miss Steve Kragthorpe's coaching ability in a few years.  -Brett Favre is announcing he is retiring.  Vikings fans gear up for another season with Brett Favre as quarterback.  -Baseball has the worst commishioner, the worst ad campaigns, the worst playoff start times, the worst drug problem, and generally the least athletic players.  And those are just a couple of this list of the 7 worst baseball ideas. -If you have learned one thing about the media, it is this: they are an incredibly out of shape group of people.  So, when a large number of them, including a woman and a 61-year-old man, can complete or nearly complete the fitness test that Albert Haynesworth can't even come close to completing, it makes you wonder about Fat Albert's motivation.  Also, 47 year old fat guy Mike Golic was also able to complete the test this morning.  -Lebron James has clearly just decided that he doesn't need the fans in Cleveland anymore.  In a "thank you" letter in an Ohio paper, he decides to thank only the residents of Akron, with no mention of the Cavs or the state as a whole.  Because clearly nobody in Akron also likes Cavs and thinks you are a d-bag like the rest of the country, Lebron.  -In what has become the viral video that has certainly swept my workplace, we are now all friends with a young guy named Antoine Dodson.  First watch the original news report, and then watch the remix.  You will forever have this song in your head.  This is brought to you by the same people who turned the Double Rainbow video into a fantastic song.

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