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Bryan the Intern is hoping his new hair style will help him become famous.

While BTI is busy working on his audition tape for the Jersey Shore, the guys and I have decided to bring back his beloved Picks to Click.  Because you know, it’s just not in us to rant about soccer all day or tell you why baseball sucks.  Plus you know why baseball sucks already.  Not enough half naked women.

-Apparently Dan ‘Comic Sans’ Gilbert does not regret the famous rant he published in the form of a letter after LeBron left for greener pastures.  Maybe it’s because he said they would be better off without him, and the Cavs beat the Celtics last night (who, in case you were sleeping, beat the Heat the night before.)  Cavs/Blazers final this year.  In related news, Gilbert also claims not to regret signing LeBron’s year book ‘I’m signing on your crack.  BFF – Danny’

-In kind of a cool move, the Miami Times and the Cleveland Scene have joined efforts and helped to donate and distribute butt hurt Cavs fans old LeBron gear to the homeless living in Miami.  It seems like a nice effort at first glance, but my guess is the Clevelanders are just trying to haunt James.  Meanwhile the Miami Times is probably just trying to confuse the homeless people into thinking they live in Cleveland and getting them to move away.  Who wants to live in Cleveland?

-In another NBA charity move, Red Bull will donate $500 towards rebuilding Boston’s parks for every steal former wildcat Rajon Rondo has this season.  I really don’t have anything snide to say about that, I like red bull, I like Rondo, and I like parks.  Good on ya.  I will say be careful, a similar situation failed out in Knoxville when a local business tried to make donations for every steal the Vols committed.  No one told the players they were supposed to be stealing basketballs.

-Hah!  Notre Dame is about to have it’s loosingest stretch of football in a four year period, coinciding with a likely loss on Senior day against Utah.  So what do the students plan on doing about it?  Rushing the field, obviously.  But hey, with that many students on the field, maybe they will be able to stop a team from scoring for once.

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