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Article written by:Bryan the InternBryan the Intern
  Recaping the "Games of Importance" from the weekend: Kentucky (56) lost to Tennessee by 3 St. Josephs’s (55) lost to Temple by 1 UAB (54) beat Tulane by 25 Western Kentucky (53) beat Florida Atlantic by 10 Creighton (52) beat Bradley by 1 in double overtime Syracuse (51) lost to Pittsburgh by 5 Florida (50) lost to Mississippi St. by 9 Ohio St. (49) lost to Minnesota by 17 Mississippi (48) beat Alabama by 3 Stephen F. Austin (47) lost to Texas Arlington by 10 VCU (46) beat William & Mary by 11 Thats a 5-5 week for the Cats, not bad, and it gives them a 4 spot jump to 52 in the RPI.  We now enter the last week of the regular season and the Cats needing to get into the 40's to feel secure.  Here are the games to watch for: Kentucky (52) on the road against South Carolina (Wed.) UAB (51) at home against Tulsa (Wed.) Creighton (50) in conference tournament against Bradley (Fri.) Western Kentucky (49): won't play until Sat. in conference tournament Southern Illinois (48) in conference tournament against Northern Iowa (Fri.) Texas Tech (47) on the road against Kansas (Mon.) Texas A&M (46) on the road against Baylor (Wed.) Mississippi (45) at home against Arkansas (Tues.) VCU (44): won't play until Sat. in conference tournament Kansas St. (43) at home against Colorado (Tues.) West Virginia (42) at home against Pittsburgh (Mon.) 1. Things have changed fairly drastically in the SEC Standings over the weekend, especially out west.  So here are the updated standings and also the projected path UK would have to take to win the SEC Tournament, if it started today: Quarterfinals: Mississippi/Georgia Winner Semifinals: Mississippi St./Florida/Auburn Survivor Finals: Tennessee/Vandy/LSU/Arkansas/South Carolina/Alabama Survivor Still, the path to the title game is favorable.  Cats need to earn that #2 seed. 2. As Eric Crawford points out in his article today, UK actually outplayed Tennessee in yesterday's game, and despit the loss, it was a good day to be a Wildcat player. 3. John Clay makes a great point in his article in the Herald-Leader, UK seemed to be the much smarter team yesterday.  It will be the downfall of UT in the NCAA Tournament in my opinion, the fact that they take WAY too many bad shots.  They have the talent and play good enough of the defensive end of the floor, but the multitiude of bad shots thrown up by the Vols will end them, as long as you keep them off the glass, which the Cats failed to do in the second half. 4. Mark Story touches on whether Patrick Patterson is the greatest UK freshman in nearly 40 years, the likeability of Christian Laettner, and the political career of "Wah Wah" Jones. 5. If there is any Division 1 baseball team that has had a better start to its season than Kentucky, please point them out.  Because yesterday the Cats wrapped up a 4-game sweep of Butler by scores of 14-1, 14-0, 21-2, and 12-4.  UK has scored no less than 10 runs in ANY game this year while giving up no more than 5.  So far this season, the Cats have outscored their opponents 121-21.  Point being they are winning each game by an average score of 13-2.  Maybe Xavier, Fairfield, South Alabama, Oakland, and Butler are the 5 worst teams in the country, I don't know.  But, I dont care who they are playing, this team is on fire and worth keeping an eye out for. 6. Digger Phelps in the man!!!! Although, since when is it "cool" to break out "Livin on a Prayer" at any moment of the day like these Kansas fans do.  7. A show that has started to grow on me is FoxSports "Sports Science", where basically scientists perform experiements that are sports focused, such as "What has more energy, sumo wrestlers colliding or getting punched by a boxer?"  By the way, its getting punched by a boxer.  But, this test right here just borders on insane, and whats truly crazy is they actually found someone to risk their "manhood" for science.  Understand that watching this video will hurt.  8. Shaq update: Suns moved to 2-4 with the "Big Diesel" in the lineup, dropping a 5-point decision to the SIXERS AT HOME!!!!  Shaq's averages so far: 10.3 PPG, 9.8 RPG.  Shawn Marion's averages in Miami: 16.8 PPG, 10.9 RPG and the Heat have won the same amount of games.  Until they prove me wrong, this trade was VERY bad for the Suns. 

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