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Article written by:Bryan the InternBryan the Intern
  RPI Update: 54 (South Carolina: 139, but remember road wins count twice as much as home wins, Cats will be in the 40's with a win) 1. Is tonight's game extremely dangerous? Yes.  Would it be a tough battle with or without Patrick Patterson? Yes.  But the one factor that in my opinion has been overplayed by the media is the "this is Dave Odom's last game" stuff.  Odom has been to the NCAA Tournament ONCE in his 7 seasons in Columbia, has NEVER had a winning SEC record, and will miss both the NCAA/NIT tournaments for a third time this year.  My point being Odom can't exactly be the most loved coach in South Carolina history.  I have no idea how Odom's players feel about him, maybe they will play their guts out tonight in his honor.  But I tend to think that a team that is 13-15 overall has very little to get fired up about, especially when playing an unranked team.  This is all strictly my opinion, and I still think this game will be very tough, but I think because South Carolina can hurt you from the 3-point line and their ability to go on large runs should be bigger concerns that Odom's last home game.    2. To add on to my previous point, I also think you will see South Carolina with a better gameplan against the Cats than Tennessee brought to the table on Sunday.  The Gamecocks now have an idea of how UK will play post-Patterson, as the Herald-Leader discusses today. 3. Take a look at the statistical comparison between the two teams and you can come up with your own ideas of what the Cats need to do to win tonight. 4. Most of these are pretty famous by now, but its always fun to watch them again: the greatest tirades in sports press conference history. 5. I am Brett Farve-ed out after yesterday's ESPN lovefest.  And I am glad that this video was made because off all the great records that Farve accomplished in his career, remember that he is also the all-time leader in interceptions.  ESPN acted as if the greatest QB in history had just retired, when in fact he retired in the mid-90's (Montana).  Point being, Farve is a hall of famer, one of the 10 best QB's ever, not one of the top 3.  I love the fact the "You're simply the Best" is playing in the background. 6. The list that continues to be one of the most ridiculous in history is ESPN's Top 25 Basketball Players of All-Time.  Recently released: the greatest individual player in NCAA history, Pete Maravich.  Even if ESPN is including team success in their qualifications (which I think they should), Maravich should STILL be #2 behind Alcindor.  The guy averaged 44 PPG WITHOUT THE 3-POINT SHOT!!!! I have already sworn off ESPN for its inclusion of Michael Jordan on this list.  If Lew Alcindor is not #1 I will swear off ESPN2, ESPNnews, Disneyworld, Disneyland, ESPN Classic, ESPNU and anything poker related.  Disclaimer: All statements made on this post are stricly my opinions and not those of anyone else on this blog.  While I believe strongly in my opinions, you shouldn't care or get worked up if you disagree.  Mitch Barnhart=Idiot (thats a joke)

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