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  All of the sudden, talk has turned from getting in the tournament to seeding in the tournament, so I thought I would throw my 2 cents in.  Right now, if the tournament had to be seeded, I would guess UK to be an 11 seed.  Here would be the possibilities after the SEC Tournament, in my opinion: Loss to Mississippi/Georgia in Quarters: #12 Seed Win in Quarters, Lose to Mississippi St. in Semis: #11 seed Win in Quarters, Lose to Florida/Alabama in Semis: #12 seed Win in Quarters and Semis, Lose to Vandy/Tennessee/Arkansas in Finals: #10 seed Win the whole damn thing: #9 seed All of this is strictly my opinion.  Part of me would want a 11 or 12 seed, just to have a better shot of getting to the Sweet 16.  But I honestly think this UK team could play with (not necessarily beat) any team in the country outside of UNC and Memphis.  Those two teams are just too athletic, and would probably win by double digits on the Cats.  But, nothing would suprise me at this point.  On to the links:  1. Once again, the senior duo of Joe Crawford and Ramel Bradley get it done, and as is their style, they went the hard way to do it, as Eric Crawford discusses in the Courier-Journal. 2. Lets not forget that besides basically securing their own NCAA berth yesterday, the Cats also likely knocked Florida out of the running for now, as John Clay mentions today.  Boy, thats sweet to think about. 3. Look at Greg Doyel actually giving somebody some props.  And for those of you who have ever heard Greg on the radio show, its difficult for him to be positive.  But, for the second time in 2 weeks, he is giving some love to the Wildcats.  4. The ladies love them some Tayshaun. 5. Make it 11-0 for the Baseball Cats, as they got their first real test of the year, needing a 9th inning run to slip past Purdue 3-2.  Amazing stat of the day: UK's Sean Carroll is batting .655 in his last 8 games!!!!  The Cats play Purdue again today at 1PM. 6. Duke just sucks.  Everything about them annoys me, this video especially.  This bothers me for two reasons: 1)The original speedo guy had been featured on "Gameday" earlier and this tool decided he couldn't come up with a better act. 2) Nobody wants to see a pasty white dork in a speedo.  This ploy would have only worked with a pasty white, extremely hairy FAT guy.  This guy just flat out sucks and to top it off he embarrasses himself with an obsene gesture.  Well done, Cameron Crazies.  7. A couple weeks ago I showed you the weakest hockey fight ever.  Today, I give you the Top 10 fights of the 2008 season. 8. Congrats to the Suns for a great win yesterday against the Spurs.  I have been extremely hard on Shaq since the trade, but I will admit when they have had a good win.  And they did it with the only way they can win, a staunch defense.  Unfortunatly, can the Suns play that kind of defense over 7 games? I doubt it, but yesterday was a good start.

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