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Article written by:Bryan the InternBryan the Intern
73_adolphrupp.jpg 1. I hadn't realized it but a good friend of mine pointed out on the Blog Zone for that yesterday was the 30th anniversary of the death of Adolph Rupp.  So, here is a link to that blog post by Derrick Johnson on the great accomplishments of Rupp.  The last line of the post I think says it all about the legacy of Rupp that the AP presents its college basketball player of the year with Rupp's name attached.  2. Mark Story of the Herald-Leader gives us his take on the UK season so far, touching on several different issues from Coach Gillispie to the fan base's early dissapoinment. 3. I would love to be able to link you to a positive article concerning the basketball team, but columnists are staying strictly negative on the Cats so far.  Here is Larry Vaught's take on the situation, filled with confusion and more confusion. 4. Let's take the negative train up to Cincinnati were the Cincinnati Post's Victoria Sun really cant find anything the Cats are doing well right now. 5. Our final stop today ends up in the Evansville Courier-Press where Randy Beard takes his shot are what exactly is plauging the Cats right now.  (Let me take this chance to help all columnists out when describing this team: IT'S THE PLAYERS!!) 6. Yesterday, you heard about John Reik of the Sudan, who lists Kentucky as one of his interested schools.  Today, I give you Robert Mafra of Brazil.  Jody Demling of the Courier-Journal gives us the info on Mafra, a junior-college player currently in Iowa and stands at 6-10.  In this particular case, the thought that comes to mind is how a kid from the rainforests of Brazil likes the cornfields of Iowa.  And no I dont believe that all of Brazil is a rainforest, mostly because they cut it down.  And Iowa is not all cornfields, because people don't eat vegetables anymore. 7. Speaking of UK big men, watching the struggles of everyone not named Patrick Patterson in the post makes me long for Randolph Morris.  Remember, Morris could have stayed one more year and played right beside PP this year.  And judging by his NBA stats, he might have wanted to do that.  If Mark Pope can stay in the league for 8 seasons, how can Randolph not see the court for the KNICKS??? But, he is making serious money. (1.6 million/2 years if you were wondering). 8. I don't really want to link anymore things concerning the IU game last weekend, but this particular article by Cory McCartney also has mentions of Alabama and its stuggles, Vanderbilt's quick start, and Louisville's problems on the offensive end. 9. Since we are moving on from the IU "game" last weekend, lets look ahead at this weekend's game in Louisville against UAB.  On paper, or at least in the preseason, this looked like a dangerous game, but one that Kentucky could sort of put on its tournament resume.  That is until you see that UAB lost to SOUTH FLORIDA on Saturday, by 10 points!!! Thats the same South Florida that went 12-18 last year and was picked to finish DEAD LAST in the Big East this year.  YIKES!! Better not lose this one.  10. I love the RPI.  Don't know why, but I think its because we get to see rankings that go beyond 25 or so teams.  We get to see everybody ranked together.  Today I give you two different RPI's.  The first ranks the conferences, which by the way has the SEC 8th behind both the Missouri Valley and Atlantic 10.  The second shows only the SEC teams, noting only 4 out of 12 are currently in the top 130 in overall standings. I am not so sure the SEC moves up from the #8 slot this year.

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