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Bryan the Intern's Picks to Click

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11627807.jpg 1. Very rarely do the things that people try really hard to create and put online work out the way they wanted, and even if they do rarely are they funny.  But yesterday somebody posted a very creative Christmas card in honor of the Duke program and its most famous alumni, Matt Jones. So, Happy Holidays. On to the real links for today: 2. I know you are wondering why I put a jock strap as the picture for todays links, but after you watch this video it will become quite clear.  And after you watch this video, please dont think you can do this.  And if you do this, you have whats coming to you, namely never having children.  3. CNNSI is down to its Final 4 of the college football tournament, and only one SEC team remains, Florida, which was seeded 11th out of 16 at the start of the tourney.  They now get USC in the semis, the same USC that beat out LSU in the quarterfinals.  On the other side of the bracket is a Ohio St.-Oklahoma bracket.  At last check, Oklahoma and USC has comfortable leads, so if you care enough to get the Gators to the finals, vote a lot over the next couple days.  4. Last week, I told you of my dissapointment in national writers picking the UK-FSU game no higher than 17th out of 32 on the bowl excitement list.  But Dennis Dodd has redeemed his writing buddies, ranking the Cats-Noles clash 14th, a spot where it should have been all along.  This bowl is certainly in the top half of bowls, not only for the excitement, but for the name recognition and the "underdog" story for UK.  Also, two coaches who possibly may start telling WWI stories by halftime. 5. A few notes on UK football in the Danville paper today, especially highlighting the changes in recruiting and the perception of the program.  6. Speaking of recruiting, here is the up to date recruiting rankings for the SEC from  Kentucky currently ranks 55th in the country(which is 11th in the SEC).  The Cats finished 58th in 2007, 34th in 2006, 62nd in 2005, 52nd in 2004, and 54th in 2003(the heralded class that is currently graduating). 7. Great article highlighting Patrick Patterson in the Courier-Journal today.  Its hard to find positive things about this team right now, but there is no question PP has been a huge bright spot, and deserves all the praise thrown on him right now. 8. John Clay touches on a very interesting topic in today's Hearald-Leader: the pampering of athletes at all levels of sport.  9. OK, so clearly the writers at ESPN read this blog because just a couple days after I bash Vandy, calling their record overrated, a lengthly article comes out concerning their big goofy white Austrailian A.J. Ogilvy.  So, if you want to read about this Aussie Sensation, go right ahead.  But, I still hold they are overrated and UK will split with them this year. (And frankly, any team that doesnt sweep Kentucky this year ain't much to brag about) 10. I have always wondered which sport gets the sexiest wives.  Well, thank you Co-Ed Magazine for releasing your list of the 20 sexiest sports wives.  Just so you dont have to do the math, there are 4 soccer players, 4 baseball players, 3 basketballers, 2 racecar drivers, 2 hockey players, 2 football players, and 1 each of golfers, tennis players, and UFC fighters.

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