Bryan the Intern's Picks to Click (Nighttime Edition)
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Bryan the Intern's Picks to Click (Nighttime Edition)

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Article written by:Bryan the InternBryan the Intern
444795.jpgchadjackson5_28150.jpgdakotah-euton-mug-718358.jpg 1. I just got back from Fairdale for my second night of the King of the Bluegrass, and wanted to give my thoughts on the potential 3 UK recruits.  Dakotah Euton and Chad Jackson's team got beat again, although they are not very good so no surprise there.  Scotty Hopson's team beat a very good team from Georgia and play in the finals tommorow night at 730. Scotty "Hobson" Hopson(top left): Wow, this guy has a ton of skills, and showcased them all against Fayette County(GA) and in front of both Rick Pitino and John Cailipari.  Final line for Hopson: 35 points, 20 rebounds in 32 minutes.  Showed a great ability to get by defenders and finish in the lane.  Extremely good jumper, never has his shot blocked.  Great rebounder with strong hands.  When he wants to, is also a good defender but doesn't always give a good effort on that end of the floor.  At least for these two nights, did not make hardly any outside shots.  But, he also didn't need to because he could get to the basket at will.  But, much like last night, showed a poor attitude and pouted alot when teammates messed up or officials called fouls on him, almost to the point of showing them up.  He also often times isn't a hard enough worker on the offensive end of the floor and goes decent streches of time without touching the ball.  But, he is a HUGE talent and would be an immediate impact player.  Here is the box score from tonight's game. Chad Jackson(top right): If this sophomore continues to improve, he will be a star in college.  He is extremely fast and fairly under control with the ball, which he has a ton on Rose Hill.  For his size, is a really good rebounder and finishes well around the basket.  He also has a real knack for drawing fouls and getting 3-point plays.  His problem is he is so good at getting to the basket that I cant remember him taking a jumpshot outside of 7 feet the entire game.  So, I have no idea if he is a good jump shooter.  But, he plays hard on both ends, shares the ball, and is composed for having the ball in his hands so much.  Who knows 3 years down the road, but should be a great pickup if UK can get him. Dakotah Euton(bottom): I was extremely hard on Euton earlier this morning, and he is still clearly the 3rd best player in this group, but he played much better tonight.  Finally got to see him take a few jumpers, and he has a nice looking jumper.  Made 2 three pointers and hit a couple foul line shots.  But, his MAJOR problem is he is too slow with the dribble and his jump shot.  If he wasn't wide open, he didnt have enough time to get off a good shot.  And when driving to the basket, he just lowers his shoulder because he cant get around anybody.  Showed a good ability to rebound strongly and be at the right position to rebound.  Also, blocked a couple shots tonight, which was amazing to me because he couldn't jump over dinner plate if he wanted to.  I truly would question whether he can dunk consistently or not.  But, overall a much better performace tonight.  He's pretty good on the defensive end of the floor and needs alot of work on the offensive end.   2. I added this in late to the Picks to Click this morning so I wanted to post it again because there is alot of feedback from these lists and I am not sure everyone saw it earlier.  Here is a photo gallery of the Top 25 hottest sports wives ever

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