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bti-proctologist As you were warned of yesterday, our dear friend Bryan the Intern is currently having a medical procedure completed. Bryan may or may not return as a man (you can determine if that's a change or not), but that return will definitely be Monday, January 4. In the meantime, I'll do my best to piss you off and post things that have already been on the site. After all, that's what BTI would want. Bryan, get well soon, little buddy. __________________________________________________________________________ Non-Updated KSR Favorite Blogger Contest Standings (my math is worse than my writing and I'm not an intern so I'm not calculating this...this is the same as yesterday) 1. Drew Franklin: 23.2% (-2.9%) 2. Beisner: 18.3% (+1.3%) 3. Dustin Rumbaugh: 11.6% (-1.1%) 4. Matt Jones: 9.8% (-1.1%) T-5. BTI/Kate Martin: 9.4% (+.9%) 7. Rob Gidel: 5.4% (-.1%) 8. Tomlin: 4.0% (+1.0%) 9. Hunter Campbell: 3.6% (+1.2%) 10. Fake Gimel: 2.7% (-.3%) 11. Will Lentz: 0.9% (+.3%) T-12. Chris Johns/Mosley/Patrick Barker: 0.4% (-.2%) KEEP VOTING IN TODAY’S POST. ____________________________________________________________________________  (1)  We might as well get this kicked off with a good old argument. For one reason or another, I've developed an unhealthy fascination with the whole Mike Leach situation (perhaps because, like Leach, I'm the most difficult person on KSR staff to work with). Leach was fired yesterday as coach of the Red Raiders after Craig James (perhaps the most entitled person on the planet) complained on behalf of his allegedly petulant and spoiled son that he was mistreated. Since I'm such a fan of all things pirates, I'm sporting around a "Team Leach" shirt today (it's always casual Friday), but you can make your own decision. One thing that is certain, though, is that this has been incredibly weird so far.  - The brief dismissal letter  - Leach's very strange lawyer  - Leach's strange lawyer showing "the shed"  - The YouTube video of Adam James in an electric closet  - A 2008 booster email saying Leach is not a hot commodity, citing lack of interest from UK  - Craig James states his case on Sportscenter Like most things, the truth is likely somewhere in the middle and Leach is probably a little too old school and James is probably a whiney baby.  But, it is worth watching the final outcome of this investigation if for no other reason than the effect it will have on Leach and Craig James - both big names in Texas football. However, with all the surprisingly prevalent debate over Mike Leach's possibility of ending up at UK (it's absolutely zero), it does raise an interesting point.  If Leach is found to be an old-school, tough guy coach who is difficult to work with, is he an attractive candidate for any job?  I say he is, given the right situation.....a situation like UK (I am not campaigning for firing Joker, this is hypothetical).  Leach, like Billy Gillispie, seems to be a bit of a bully with his players.  However, Leach is not a bully to the media and not a bully to the public and, generally speaking, appears to be well-liked by most people around the game.  At a school like Kentucky or Kansas or North Carolina, he would be a home run.  He wins games and, given the traditional failings of the program and second-page status, he could have a longer leash.  At a big school, he's toast.    (2)  Since it's the end of the year, there are plenty of countdowns out there to check out.  Take a look at the ten worst contracts in baseball (3)  Also, one of my other unhealthy obsessions (Sports Illustrated) runs down the best sports photos of the decade, as captured by their photographers.  - Tony Parker does Grease

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