BTI's Rants and Ramblings: 2 Interesting Scenarios for a Boring Week

BTI's Rants and Ramblings: 2 Interesting Scenarios for a Boring Week

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It is going to be a really boring week, with no UK games and the slow lead up to football signing day.  There are so many ways to break down Lamar Dawson's decision or how important Brandon Knight is.  So, I thought I would write a lighter, care free post today about two scenarios that I heard about this weekend and was very interested in what the Big Blue Nation thinks.  SCENARIO #1 -Kentucky makes the Final Four and you are lucky enough to have purchased a ticket, for 1,000 dollars.  You are decked in blue and headed to the arena when a fan from another team comes up to you and offers you 10,000 dollars for your one ticket.  You will take a 9,000 profit for that one ticket.  Do you take the deal?  If the answer is no, what is the price that would make you give up the ticket? I am afraid I would have to sell my ticket if I am getting 10 times what I paid for it.  For 9,000 dollars, I can buy the best HD TV ever created and watch the game as if I was there. SCENARIO #2 I got this scenario from a real-life situation that occurred at a Virginia game.  The Cavs were playing UNC, and a Tar Heels fan bought a ticket outside the arena.  When he gets inside and to his seat, he realizes he is in the 2nd row.  Just after sitting down, a UVA administrator approaches the man, says that his seat is reserved for UVA fans only, and then finds him another seat, almost 20 rows up from his original seat.  Should a school be allowed to regulate the clothes of fans in the lower rows of seats?  Personally, I find this very petty on the part of UVA.  Instead of blaming the man, why not blame the UVA fan who sold him the ticket?  In much of the same way that UK fans bought UK-UL tickets, if a fan chooses to spend money legally on a ticket, a school should not have the right to punish that fan for wearing the wrong colors.

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