BTI's Rants and Ramblings: 2010 KSR Survey (Part 1 of 5)

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Here is your KSR Survey Group, sans Hunter because he doesn't have a facebook page that I could find.  Kate is represented by the infant and Rumbaugh is represented by his dog, which is named Rekalin.  I sent out an email to all of the KSR writers a couple weeks ago with this idea of them answering a couple easy, UK-related questions so that the KSR readers could get to know them just a little more.  I quickly got responses from nearly all of the writers.  For instance: From: T. Beisner To: B.T.I -This is dumb.  You suck. From: CM Tomlin To: B.T.I -Sometimes I just wish you would drive off a cliff. From: M. Jones To: B.T.I -If you didn't have those compromising pictures of me and Joan Rivers, I would have fired your a** a year ago. As you can see, some of the writers on this site are very busy with other "endeavours", thus could not participate.  But, I did get answers from Barker, Chris Johns, Kate, Dustin, and Hunter, and basically those are the people that truly make this website what it is.  So, for the next couple days, you will get a better sense of who your KSR writers are, and where their loves and hates truly lie.   Today's question was this: IF YOU COULD WATCH ANY 5 CURRENT OR FORMER UK PLAYERS TOGETHER ON THE FLOOR ALONG WITH ONE COACH, WHO WOULD THEY BE?  THEY DON'T HAVE TO BE THE 5 BEST OR 5 FAVORITE, THEY JUST HAVE TO BE THE 5 YOU WOULD WANT TO SEE? _________________________________________________ Patrick Barker C- Chuck Hayes PF- Erik Daniels SF-Jamal Mashburn SG- Tony Delk PG- John Wall Coach- Rick Pitino (ca. 1995) Seriously, who would beat this team?  A shooter, a scorer/slasher, playmaking point guard, and two glue guys.  They might have some problems against bigger teams, but if Hayes can play the 5 in the NBA, he can play the 5 in college. ___________________________________________________ Dustin Rumbaugh PG: John Wall SG: Tony Delk SF: Jamal Mashburn PF: Antoine Walker C: DeMarcus Cousins Coach: Tubby Smith This is in no means a knock on Calipari or Pitino because I think they did great jobs coaching these guys, I just loved Tubby's X's and O's and always wonder what he could do with an absolutely stacked roster. ______________________________________________________ Chris Johns Center:  Demarcus Cousins Forward:  Jamal Mashburn Forward:  Tayshaun Prince SG:  Rex Chapman PG:  Kyle Macy Coach:  Adolph Rupp I could literally fill this out 15 times and come up with 15 different answers.  I almost went with the 3 forward rotation just because UK's forward talent is unreal but Cousins is just amazing.  I also am taking into account that you need a 3 point shot in the game today thus giving the edge to Prince, Rex, and Mash over guys like Issel, Goose, and Walker.  A healthy Bowie is hard to deny, actually.  Macy/Wall/Epps is a damn toss-up.  Jebus this is awesome. I'm using Rupp as the coach even though he didn't coach the current game, he would adapt quickly and have these guys racing up and down the court like machines. ______________________________________________________ Hunter Campbell PG: John Wall SG: Tony Delk SF: Tayshaun Prince PF: Patrick Patterson C: Chuck Hayes Coach: Not Given (assuming he wanted Eddie Sutton) Basically, the frontcourt consists of Prince, my favorite player, and Hayes and Patterson, who are 2nd and 3rd. Wall just has to be there because he's unbelievable and Delk was a machine.  ________________________________________________________ Kate Martin Center:  Andre Riddick (The early years with the flat top) Forward:  Scott Padgett (he was mine and Mark Pope was my sister's) Forward: Deron Feldhaus PG:  John Wall (Love the smile.  Take a lesson from Tiger, et al:  Don't get married dude.  Live it up with your millions) SG: Chris Harrison ummm...hottest UK coach?  At his peak, Pitino wasn't bad.  Definitely not my type, though.  I'll go Tubby on this one.  Donna always seemed like a very happy lady. ________________________________________________________ BTI Center: Nazr Mohammed Power Forward: Patrick Patterson Small Forward: Jamal Mashburn Shooting Guard: Tony Delk Point Guard: Travis Ford Coach: Rick Pitino I thought in Nazr's last season, he was nearly unstoppable, unless you consider the foul line.  But, he worked his tail off to improve his game, and I loved him for that.  Patterson, Mashburn, and Delk need no explanation.  Ford was probably the first UK player I ever followed because he was a short white guy like me.  And Pitino was the complete package at UK, and I don't think we will ever see a run like the 95-99 run, and Pitino was the main reason for those years. __________________________________________________________ So, what say you KSR readers?  Are we waaaaayy off with our picks?  And is Kate just the biggest wimp in the world only picking the "hottest" players?  We want to know who your 5 players and coach are, because its easy to criticize us without giving your opinion.

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