BTI's Rants and Ramblings: Could Wall, Cousins, or Davis has the Greatest UK Pro Career?

BTI's Rants and Ramblings: Could Wall, Cousins, or Davis has the Greatest UK Pro Career?

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I saw an article here on KSR yesterday about Nazr Mohammed.  And I am not sure if UK fans appreciate just the kind of professional career Mohammed had, especially considering how he arrived in Lexington.  After doing a little research, I am nearly certain that Mohammed has had the longest pro career of any UK alumnus.  But just how good has his career been compared to other UK greats?  Below I have listed my Top 10 UK Pro Careers.  I comprised this list with individual accomplishments given the most weight but team accolades included as well.  When reading through my list, consider a couple questions: -Do you agree with my rankings or where would you make changes -Does Anthony Davis, John Wall, or Demarcus Cousins have a chance to break into the Top 3 or dethrone Issel 1. Dan Issel (1970-85) -27,482 points, 11,133 rebounds -13 Playoff Appearances (1 title ABA) -7-time All State (6 ABA, 1 NBA) -3-time ABA Points Leader -Basketball Hall of Famer 2. Louie Dampier (1967-79) -15,279 points, 4,687 assists -12 Playoff Appearances (1 title ABA) -7-time All-Star (all ABA) -Basketball Hall of Famer 3. Frank Ramsey (1954-64) -8,378 points, 1,134 assists -9 Playoff Appearances (7 titles) -Basketball Hall of Famer 4. Rajon Rondo (2006-15) -6,209 points, 4,775 assists, 1,044 steals -6 Playoff Appearances (1 title) -4-time All-Star -2-time NBA Assists Leader -1-time NBA Steals Leader -1-time All-NBA (3rd team) 5. Antoine Walker (1996-2008) -15,647 points, 6,891 rebounds, 1,386 three pointers -6 playoff appearances (1 title) -3-time All-Star 6. Jamal Mashburn (1993-2004) -11,644 points, 3,271 rebounds -7 Playoff Appearances -1-time All-Star -1-time All NBA (3rd time) 7. Tayshaun Prince (2002-15) -11,051 points, 4,185 rebounds, 487 blocks -9 Playoff Appearances (1 title) -4-time All NBA Defensive Team (2nd team each time) 8. Anthony Davis (2012-15) -3,917 points, 1,891 rebounds, 501 blocks -1 Playoff Appearance -2-time All-Star -2-time NBA Blocks Leader -1-time All-NBA (1st team) 9. John Wall (2010-15) -6,083 points, 2,990 assists -2 Playoff Appearances -2-time All-Star -1-time NBA Assist Leader 10. Demarcus Cousins (2010-15) -6,618 points, 3,726 rebounds, 392 blocks -0 Playoff Appearances -1-time All-Star JUST MISSED THE CUT Kevin Grevey (1975-85) -7,364 points, 1,594 rebounds -8 Playoff Appearances (1 title) Rex Chapman (1988-2000) -9,731 points, 805 three pointers -4 Playoff Appearances Derek Anderson (1997-2008) -7,357 points, 1,988 rebounds -5 playoff appearances (1 title) Nazr Mohammed (1998-2015) -5,819 points, 4,704 rebounds -11 Playoff Appearances (1 title)

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