BTI's Rants and Ramblings: Anyone else worried about 2011?

BTI's Rants and Ramblings: Anyone else worried about 2011?

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Does 2011 revolve around the improvement of Hood and Poole? Just did some roster crunching after receiving an email saying that UK fans were TOO confident about the 2011 team, and I should a little research at the NBA Draft projections and actually lay out the potential roster for 2011.  So, that's what I did.  And what I found has got me a little worried too.  First, here is this years roster: Harrellson Miller Liggins Hood Knight Jones Lamb Poole Vargas Polson We know Harrellson is gone.  We can also be rest assured that Terrence Jones is gone, considering every projection has him as a lottery pick.  According the, Brandon Knight is projected as the 19th pick in the first round this year.  Is that enough for him to leave?  And what about Doron Lamb?  Matt has said many times that there is nobody on the team that wants to go to the NBA more than Lamb.  What if he takes the Daniel Orton route and leaves town with no guarantee of 1st round status?  With Jones, Knight, and Lamb all gone, the roster would look like this for 2011: Miller Liggins Teague Gilchrist Davis Wiltjer Hood Poole Vargas Beckham Polson Folks, that still is not a deep team.  Add the 4 man class to Miller and Liggins, and that is still 6 man rotation.  Certainly, Hood or Poole could improve and become serious contributors on the team.  But, is that what we are resting our hopes for a deeper 2011 team on?  Hood and Poole?  Plus, with the loss of Harrellson, that leaves Davis as the only true big man on the roster, unless you want to hold out hope that Vargas improves.  So, if Knight and Lamb leave, the 2011 squad will likely have the same issues (depth and post play) as this year's team.  The fanbase has looked ahead to 2011 as THE YEAR.  Certainly, this 2011 recruiting class will do that to you.  But, the 2011 squad only becomes a great team on paper if the 2010 RECRUITS hang around.  And with a good remainder of the season, Knight could certainly vault to the lottery, and Lamb could be this year's Daniel Orton.  While I would still consider that a long shot, it's not out of the realm that UK will lose all 3.  And if that happens, will the 2011 recruits be enough to fill those holes?  This is just the negativity in me coming out.  Because I think the odds are certainly in UK's favor than Knight and/or Lamb hang around for another year.  But, I will now admit that until we know which players are coming back for 2011, it is way premature to start engraving UK on the national title trophy.  My advice: let's just continue to back this team we have now, and worry about 2011 in November.

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