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I know this is my second post about Boise State/TCU in 3 weeks, but I am making this my soap box until the BCS title game is decided.  And frankly, a UK-Dillard game just doesn't get my competitive juices flowing.  The more I look into the comparison between Boise, TCU, and Oregon, the more I realize there is NO LEGIT ARGUMENT for why Boise should not get in over Oregon.  And TCU should too for that matter. I am going to steal an ESPN-bit and put up the blind resumes of 3 undefeated teams in college football: Oregon, TCU, and Boise State.  Completely ignoring how good the teams ACTUALLY are (because that is what people are doing anyway), people will always argue that a BCS team has to go through a much more difficult grind of a season over a Mountain West or WAC team.  If that is true, then when we compare the 3 teams blindly, Oregon's schedule should be the toughest.  Right?  (RPI OF EACH OPPONENT LISTED.  Strength of Opponent is determined by Team A Opponents (Strength of Schedule: 20) #21: WON BY 3 #35: WON BY 13 #50: WON BY 43 #75: WON BY 29 #93: WON BY 45 #108: WON BY 48 #113: WON BY 59 Remaining Opponents: #24, #84, #45, #29, #98 Team B Opponents (Strength of Schedule: 45) #14: WON BY 21 #40: WON BY 21 #64: WON BY 11 #77: WON BY 47 #91: WON BY 35 #105: WON BY 20 #148: WON BY 72 #209: WON BY 69 (1-AA Opponent) Remaining: Opponents: #72, #56, #15, #35 Team C Opponents (Strength of Schedule: 15) #23: WON BY 35 #35: WON BY 9 #51: WON BY 31 #61: WON BY 17 #85: WON BY 28 #92: WON BY 27 #93: WON BY 45 #114: WON BY 42 #184: WON BY 55 (1-AA Opponent) Remaining Opponents: #5, #29, #148 Team A has played the most Top 50 opponents (3), while Team B and C have played 2 each.  Overall, Team C has the best schedule, followed by Team A, then Team B.  Team A is the only team to not play against a 1-AA opponent.  And Team B played the worst 1-A team.  So, naturally, Oregon has to be Team A or Team C, right?  Team A: BOISE STATE Team B: OREGON Team C: TCU OREGON HAS THE WORST SCHEDULE OUT OF THESE 3 TEAMS!!!!  Please let that sit in your gut for a while.  That is not an opinion.  That is statistically a FACT.  Oregon played the worst overall opponent, as well as the worst 1-A opponent.  Oregon has played 3 teams with an RPI over 100, Boise State has only played 2.  TCU has only played 2.  I used to say that if Auburn and Oregon ran the table, they would be the most worthy teams to play for the title.  THAT IS JUST FLAT OUT A MYTH.  Right now, Boise is the 2nd most worthy team to make the BCS title game.  FACT.  TCU is the 3rd most worthy team to make the title game.  FACT.  Oregon has the worst resume of these 3 teams.  FACT. And then look at the remaining opponents for each team.  Oregon still has 2 opponents with RPI's over 50 left on their schedule.  So does Boise State!!!  TCU only has one opponent left over RPI 50, AND they play a Top 10 team in Utah.  Oregon's biggest roadblock left is an unranked Oregon State (RPI 35) team on the road.  Boise State still has a ranked Nevada (RPI 25) team left on the road.  TCU still has a ranked Utah (RPI 5) team on the road. I think Oregon is really fantastic.  I really do.  I think they could beat any team in the country right now.  So could Auburn.  So could Boise State.  So could TCU.  This is an incredibly wide-open year in college football.  But the absolute LIES being spewed by writers across the country, especially in the south and west about the "amazing" grind of a BCS schedule, in this case a Pac-10 schedule, it's just an absolute sham.  Oregon's Pac-10 schedule combined with it's pathetic non-conference schedule is NO BETTER than Boise State's schedule.  I would love to hear the opposing view point after seeing the numbers above.  What is the argument for Oregon?  They have not played a tougher schedule.  They have beaten their opponents no more soundly than Boise State.  Their remaining schedule is no better than Boise State's.  Oregon has one thing, and one thing only, and that is the myth of the BCS.

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