BTI's Rants and Ramblings: Breaking Down the Final 4 Refs:
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BTI's Rants and Ramblings: Breaking Down the Final 4 Refs:

Bryan the Internover 6 years


Article written by:Bryan the InternBryan the Intern
John Calipari, John Cahill We love to overanalyze officials and we do know what the possibilities are for Saturday's game.  The 6 officials who will officiate the 2 games have been announced, but as of yet, I don't think the 3 for each game have been released.  Either way, there are a bunch of common names on that list.  But just successful or unsuccessful have the Cats been in the Calipari era with each of the referees for this weekend (and potentially Monday).  Below are the records, notable wins, and losses for each of those refs since Calipari took over in 2009. FINAL 4 Pat Adams (20-3) Notable Wins: LSU (2012 SEC Tourney), Wisconsin (2014 Final Four), North Carolina (2014), Florida (2015 SEC Tourney), Arkansas (2015 SEC Championship) Losses: Vanderbilt (2011), Baylor (2012), Arkansas (2014) Doug Sirmons (15-4) Notable Wins: Tennessee (2010 SEC Tourney), Louisville (2013), Kansas (2014 Champions Classic), Texas (2014) Losses: Tennessee (2010), Vanderbilt (2011), Baylor (2012), Florida (2014) Mike Eades (5-3) Notable Wins: North Carolina (2009) Losses: North Carolina (2010), Duke (2011 Champions Classic), North Carolina (2012) Verne Harris (3-1) Notable Wins: North Carolina (2011 Elite 8), Kansas (2012 National Championship), UCLA (2014) Losses: UCONN (2014 National Championship) Brian Kersey (2-0) Notable Wins: Baylor (2012 Elite 8), West Virginia (2015 Sweet 16) Losses: None John Higgins (1-1) Notable wins: Cornell (2010 Sweet 16) Losses: UCONN (2011 Final Four) CHAMPIONSHIP Joe DeRosa (9-2) Notable Wins: Louisville (2012 Final Four), Louisville (2014 Sweet 16), Kansas (2014 Champions Classic), Notre Dame (2015 Elite 8) Losses: Baylor (2013), UCONN (2014 National Championship) Michael Stephens (7-2) Notable Wins: UCONN (2009), Louisville (2010), Louisville (2011) Losses: Georgia (2013), Florida (2014) Pat Driscoll (3-1) Notable Wins: Princeton (2011 First Round), North Carolina (2011 Elite 8) Losses: Michigan State (2013 Champions Classic)  

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