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Just another example of UK's dominance in the SEC is the fact that since the SEC expanded to 12 teams in 1992, only 8 times in 19 years has an SEC East team been able to sweep the season series with Kentucky.  That is out of 95 total series (19 with each team).  And if you take out the last 2 Tubby years, when Florida and Vandy both swept UK each year, its only happened 4 times in 91 possible series.  Georgia is trying to do that for just their 2nd time tomorrow.  By the way, in those 95 series, UK has swept its opponent 58 times.  So, when people of other fanbases want to argue that UK feasted on the SEC in the 1940's and 50's, hence why we got to 2,000 wins first, just tell them that it incorrect: We have been kicking arse in the SEC in the last 20 years too.           FLORIDA 2006-07 2005-06 GEORGIA 2003-04 SOUTH CAROLINA 2008-09 1996-97 TENNESSEE 1998-99 VANDERBILT 2006-07 2005-06 So, what do you all think?  Are you worried about the game tomorrow?  Should I make another Georgia win guarantee? If that doesn't interest you, this certainly will: If you search youtube hard enough, you can find some amazing things.  For instance, here is a video of Tyler Thompson doing a striptease in college.  Oh, and congrats on 4th place again Tyler.

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