BTI's Rants and Ramblings: Could UK Repeat 2002?

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In 2002, Kentucky was coming off a 2-win season where those 2 wins were Ball State and Vanderbilt.  Guy Morris was entering his 2nd season as coach.  Jared Lorenzen was coming into his junior season.  And Louisville was a Top 25 team with a Heisman Trophy candidate quarterback named Dave Ragone. Kentucky 22, Louisville 17 Everything pointed to a UL beatdown that day, but Kentucky took it to the Cards.  Do you see any way that history could repeat itself in 2013? I love the video above because of several things: 1. Jared Lorenzen playing QB was always fun 2. Dave Ragone looking near death IN THE FIRST HALF 3. Guy Morris sighting! 4. A noticeable difference in SEC speech and CUSA speed 5. UK wins

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